How Four Seasons Home Products Kept Sales Up During COVID-19

Despite a leaner team and uncertainty around shelter-in-place laws, one of Kansas City's leading home improvement companies continued moving business forward.

Focusing on nurture, rehash, and virtual appointments in March, they closed $185k worth of business with Hatch, saw engagement rates increase by 25%, and filled installation calendars through June.
With the right preparedness, communication styles, and tools, we realized we could weather this.
Austin Bates Asst, Director of Marketing, Four Seasons Home Products

New Leads Dwindled.
Existing Installs Cancelled.

As shelter-in-place regulations began to take effect at the city-level, Four Seasons took a nearly immediate hit.

  • New deals weren't closing
  • Resources and incoming leads were reduced
  • Home show events were cancelled
Changes needed to happen. With traditional sales avenues paused, Bates and the Four Seasons team looked to Hatch for help engaging with customers.

We had a 2-3 day dry period, but that fortunately made us pivot towards existing leads.
Austin Bates Asst. Director of Marketing, Four Seasons Home Products

Virtual Nurturing Became Priority.

During those few days, Four Seasons started to dive into old call center and Hatch leads. After a call with Hatch's customer success team, Four Seasons began offering virtual appointments and new financing options with deferred payments.

Working with fewer resources, the entire team took part in running campaigns and responding to customers.


Sample 3-Touch Texting Campaign

text-campaign Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 11.21.18 AM
For the first time in our company's history, we made virtual conferencing a priority.
Austin Bates Asst. Director of Marketing, Four Seasons Home Products

Customers Responded.
Four Seasons Saw Results.

With high-engaging text messages to prospects, Four Seasons used Hatch's pre-built nurture and rehash campaigns to reach out.

Homeowners were open to the idea of virtual appointments, and the team restructured their call center scripts around virtual appointments.

By the end of March, the Four Seasons team had completely booked their sales rep's calendar, and their least tech-savvy sales rep was closing multiple deals per day with Hatch.


By The Numbers: March 23 - 31, 2020

These numbers reflect Four Seasons Home Products success from March 23 (when stay-at-home orders were issued) through the end of the month.
case-study-(3) case-study-(3)
Really, the only way we’re pushing this forward is from the success of things like Hatch...numbers talk to leadership, so it’s helpful to have gotten so much success out of Hatch.”
Austin Bates Asst. Director of Marketing, Four Seasons Home Products

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