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Group 2208
Customized Playbooks

Hand-crafted playbooks that evolve with
 your business.

Group 1682
1:1 Performance Sessions

Personalized performance sessions to turn your team into pro users.

Group 2207
Strategy Planning

Set goals and map a customer engagement strategy to increase revenue and efficiency.

Group 2210
Progress Tracking

Get insights into your team’s 
performance and continue to improve.

Meet Your Team at Hatch

Chris Bache
Chris Bache
CEO & Co-Founder
Bill Violante
Bill Violante
President & Co-Founder
AfterlightImage 4
Jenna Frantz
Head of Customer Success
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson
Director of Engineering
Josh Carter
Josh Carter
Marketing Manager, Partnerships and Operations
Jason Dolan
Jason Dolan
Director of Business Development
Tax Returns 1992
Matt Edwards
People and HR
Justin Finch
Justin Finch
Sales and Support
Jamie Green
Jamie Greene
Data Analyst
Scott Lanning
Scott Lanning
Front-end Tech Lead
Marcus Massok
Marcus Massok
Integrations Engineer
Matt Minor
Matt Minor
Growth Marketing Manager
Joe O'Hallaron
Joe O'Hallaron
Cameron Scott
Cameron Scott
Data Analyst
Miles Stokes
Miles Stokes
Data Analyst
Cat Tenorio
Cat Tenorio
UI/UX Designer
Matt Violante
Matt Violante
Account Executive

We live by our "Hatchitudes."

Group 2249 (1)
Have Grit
Building an amazing company that delivers amazing products and brings value to the world takes perseverance and grit. Don’t give up on your first, second, third or 100th try.
Group 2250
Have Ownership
Own everything you do, all the time. Be accountable and finish what you start. Don’t point the finger. Don’t make excuses. Don’t pass the buck.
Group 2255
Be Invaluable
Always be thinking about how to bring value. In every conversation and interaction with internal and external customers, you should be striving to bring value.
Group 2251
Be Customer Obsessed
Make it your job, regardless of what your job title is. Become obsessed with making our customers successful in every way.
Group 2256
Be a Learner
Have a thirst for learning and improving. ALWAYS.
Group 2252
Have Solutions
Think about the problem or challenge and present solutions. Don’t expect others to solve it for you.
Group 2257
Have Passion
Care deeply about your work and be passionate about everything you touch. Convey that passion in a professional way.
Group 2253
Have Urgency
Don’t be comfortable with the status quo. Disrupt things that aren’t moving at the speed you know we are capable of.
Group 2258
Be Collaborative
Helping our customers is a team sport. Collaboration is KEY to solving our customers’ biggest challenges.
Group 2254
Be Optimistic
Have a positive attitude, suddenly solving problems is not impossible and everything IS possible.
We’re downright obsessed with making every customer successful and this starts with the environment you work in.
Jenna Frantz Head of Customer Success

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