AI Texting
for Sales, Marketing, & Customer Service

Satisfy customers, alleviate employee workload, and scale your revenue with Hatch AI—no code needed.

Custom AI agents that text with your customers

Hatch AI bots don’t make mere suggestions. They converse with customers
to move them through your funnel, and do the admin work.

Stay hands off while staying in control

Train your AI agents to behave exactly as you want, according to your communication strategy. No code, no complex branch building.

  • Give them a personality and tone
  • Assign specific objectives and tasks
  • Take over at any time
  • Track their performance

Less grunt work, more growth

Your AI agents take on tedious processes and initial customer interactions so your humans have more time to focus on the more gratifying and mission-critical activities. They’ll take care of:

  • Lead outreach and qualification
  • Estimate scheduling
  • Sales follow-up
  • Appointment reminders
  • Customer check-ins, and more

Eliminate wasted opportunities

Your AI agents handle multiple conversations at once without skipping a beat. No more missed opportunities due to poor experiences or bad timing. 

  • 5 second response time
  • Available around the clock
  • Truly conversational
  • Alleviate human workload

Scale without the overhead

Hatch is designed to help you increase revenue without having to increase workload, lead volume, or payroll. It puts predictable, scalable growth in your hands.

  • 4x higher contact rates
  • 7-10% increase in closes 
  • 269% ROI on lead spend 

Hatch is generative AI
you can trust

Advanced but simple settings make it easy to take work off your plate while staying in control.


Intelligent conversations

Your AI agents have authentic, personalized conversations with customers.


They complete tasks as a team member would and follow best practices.

Fully customized training

Train them with the scripts and tone you want, and jump in at any time.

ROI & performance tracking

Track their performance like you would any other rep, and measure ROI.


"Hatch is the first product I have seen use AI
to provide actual business value."



To fuel your entire
customer journey

Leak-proof your funnel with proactive, prompt, and personalized communication at every stage of the customer journey.

Instant lead engagement

Beat your competitors to every new lead and set more appointments.

Automatic sales follow-up

Stay on top of every quote and turn more opps into deals.

Done-for-you database mining

Discover and execute on pipeline you didn't know
you had.

Customer experience

Wow customers with
top-notch service, and then ask for the review.



"Now I can focus on the rest of my duties while [our AI bot] Lance does his. He has reduced our workload tenfold, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything."



On a platform built for efficiency

Delight your customers while elevating the employee experience.


Custom campaigns

Multi-touch sequences using text, email, and voicemail – with templates.


Track, share, and assign conversations in visual, pipeline-style boards.

Dynamic audiences

Create granular audiences that sync automatically with your CRM and lead sources.


Measure response time, response rates, close rates, and more.


"This is going to save us $30k/mo in overhead trying to
overstaff for incoming messages we can't get to."



With built-in revenue
& ROI tracking

Get a crystal clear picture of how your conversations are translating into revenue for your business.


Campaign performance

See which Hatch campaigns are generating the most revenue.


View sales generated per rep to assess and train team members.

Full-funnel reporting

Track contacts reached, replies, appointments set, and sold.


Get a transparent view of your Hatch-influenced revenue.

Turn more conversations into revenue with Hatch AI.

Get a quick 15-minute demo today and see how easy it is to use automation
and AI to increase your revenue while reducing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hatch?

Hatch is the only AI-powered customer communication platform designed for bottom-line growth. With custom AI bots that converse with your contacts and automation to streamline everything, you can seize every opportunity across the customer journey while also saving time and controlling overhead costs.

How does Hatch AI work?

Hatch Assistant is Hatch's AI feature that allows you to build customized AI agents that converse with your leads, prospects, and customers over text and take the appropriate admin action in Hatch. No need for templates, they have you covered!

You configure your bot with a name, a personality, and a directive (like to book appointments or follow up on quotes). Then you give it a series of instructions, called prompts, on how to complete that job. Finally, you set rules so the bot knows how to detect and handle unqualified leads or those who need to speak with a human.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to build an AI bot?

Nope! Hatch Assistant does not require any coding or complex branch building. All of the prompts and instructions you give are in plain language, like "find out what day and time works best for them" and "if you detect the customer is not interested, follow this script and thank them for their time.

What can Hatch AI bots do?

Your bots can text with your contacts in a number of ways. They can reach out to new leads, qualify them, gather information to set appointments, follow up on quotes or projects, answer questions about your business, and more. They'll also update those contacts in Hatch so that they move through your pipeline accordingly.

Can I really trust a bot to interact with my customers?

Sure can! Your bot will follow your prompts and rules so that it behaves exactly as you want. And we'll make sure you've set it up properly. You also have a built-in conversation window with your bot right in the builder so you can test out refinements as you make them. 
In addition, you can monitor conversations, take over at any time, and have access to individual performance metrics for each bot.

For a great example of this, check out our Renewal by Andersen success story.

What's the difference between AI chatbots and regular chatbots?

Traditional chatbots require you to anticipate questions and pre-program the bot with responses. You then have to set up rules and branches based on keywords and phrases so that each response follows a path.

AI-powered chatbots, on the other hand, can understand, interpret, and respond to user inputs on their own, without pre-programmed responses. They converse naturally with customers so that you don't have to build out a path for every possible scenario.

What are the benefits of AI chatbots?

AI chatbots can streamline operations, increase productivity, and improve the customer experience. They are used in any industry and any department. For home service businesses and call centers, they:

  • Work around the clock 
  • Answer inquiries, help with purchase decisions, and carry out tasks directly tied to your KPIs and goals
  • Handle multiple conversations simultaneously, ensuring faster response times and efficiency
  • Scale effortlessly, accommodating your company’s growth without compromising conversation quality
  • Improve the employee experience by eliminating repetitive and frustrating tasks
  • Reduce human capital costs

What does it mean that Hatch uses "generative AI"?

Generative AI is AI that can come up with novel content. So while prescriptive AI takes existing  data and makes suggestions, such as “follow up with this customer,” generative AI can actually create the follow up message for the customer based on your instructions. And with Hatch AI, you can train it to proactively generate text messages to customers and conduct authentic conversations with them.

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Get a quick 15-minute demo today and see how easy it is to use automation
and AI to increase your revenue while decreasing costs.