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3 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Buy Hatch

My sales team wanted to strangle me when I suggested this topic for an article.

But here we are. 

You’ve probably faced this same question in your business - “why should I choose YOUR services over another company?”

(Unless it’s price...in which case Tony Ponytail from down the block is going to be hard to beat with his revolutionary, cost-cutting kitchen AND bath remodel strategy.)


What is your usual response when you hear that “how do you compare” objection? Probably the same, regurgitated script you’ve run through a hundred times before. 

Thing is, in your prospect’s mind, they’ve already made their decision. This question is just confirmation bias to support that decision. 

Although it’s hard to admit, sometimes, solutions and customers just aren’t a good fit, for whatever reason. We realize that’s the case with Hatch, too. 


By spending hours trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, you’re just wasting everyone’s time. And not to get existential or anything...but...time is the most valuable finite resource every human has. Can’t be wasting that. 

So, instead of wasting your time, telling you how great Hatch is and how it can solve five major pain points you face every single day, I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t buy Hatch

(Again, sorry sales team). 

You Don’t have a CRM

Right off the bat, you shouldn’t consider Hatch if you don’t have a CRM in place.

Your CRM should be the source of truth in your business where all of your customer and prospect data lives. Without that, you can’t really maximize the effectiveness of Hatch. 

Here’s why - Hatch integrates with your CRM to pull over all your contact data information and automatically trigger messages to go out based on where they are in the sales process.


So - basically - when you update a status that you ran an appointment, Hatch automatically sees that and fires off a text, email, and voicemail cadence to make sure they’re properly followed-up with (and ready to buy).

It works the same way with campaigns for scenarios like post-sale, pre-install customer experiences and post-install reviews. 

There IS a workaround here if you’re using a lead source like HomeAdvisor or your website forms to gather leads. In that case, you can pull those leads directly into the platform, but generally we recommend that you have a CRM to really get the full benefit of Hatch. 

Interested in a CRM? We’re happy to help - we work with every major CRM in the industry and can make an intro (and maybe even get you a special deal 😉). 

You Can't (or Don't Want) to Invest in Sales and Marketing Tools

Get this - QualifiedRemodeler recently put a report out that said remodelers expect an unprecedented surge of 10% growth in 2021 - TEN percent. How are you going to capitalize on that growth and dominate your market?

This comes down to a mentality shift more than anything else. 

Regardless of industry, no one can build a sustainable business that reaches its true potential without investing in people, products, and technology. 

You know those “guess your weight” games at the carnival? I have a version - I can predict the long-term success of your business by asking two questions - 

    1. Are you willing to invest in tools that will help your install team complete projects quicker and more efficiently?
    2. Are you willing to invest in tools that will help your sales and marketing team book appointments and close deals quicker and more efficiently? 

Did you hesitate answering “yes” on the second question?

If so, it’s probably because you don’t have confidence in knowing that those sales and marketing tools are working, whereas you can closely watch and track your install team to know they’re on-time and within budget. 

No one likes a guessing game, especially when it comes to your money.

That’s why we built robust reporting inside Hatch to help you overcome that “fear of the unknown” - in fact, over 86% of businesses pay for an entire year of Hatch in the first month.


But still, it requires somewhat of a leap of faith to find that the grass is greener on the other side (literally greener because of money - get it?) If you aren’t at the point where you feel comfortable investing in your team, you probably shouldn’t check out Hatch. 

You’re The Only Sales Rep

When it comes to teams, it usually only makes sense to get a tool like Hatch if you have a larger team (typically 2 or more reps). 

Setting aside the fact that you probably aren’t using a CRM without multiple reps, you’re probably owning the lion’s share of setting, booking and running of appointments. In this case, why pay for a tool when you can text, email, and call from your personal phone? 

Where something like Hatch comes into play is if you have multiple reps running in different directions with personal phones and emails and no visibility for you (or a manager). 


How much potential revenue would you lose to due one of those reps leaving? 

I’m guessing the cost would be greater than you’d pay for a messaging app or platform with full visibility. 

But if you’re running and maintaining an army of one, why pay for an extra tool when you can handle it all on your own tools? For that reason, Hatch probably isn’t the best option for you until you’re dead-set on growth. 

“Hell. It got us through COVID.”

Still on-the-fence about Hatch? Let’s have a conversation. Your time is valuable, and we won’t waste it. 

Check out how Hatch helped Matrix Basement Systems, a basement design-build firm close $6.5 million in sales in 2020. 

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