The Top 6 Reasons Chiirp Users Switch to Hatch

Hatch and Chiirp are both communication platforms, but where Chiirp is great for local businesses with one or two locations, Hatch is the best option for home service businesses looking to grow revenue with the capacity to scale.

In this blog, we go over the top six reasons Chiirp users in the above-mentioned category of businesses switch to Hatch as well as some additional comparisons between the two platforms.

Table of contents

  1. Team onboarding
  2. Customer targeting
  3. Lead source integrations
  4. Campaign capacity
  5. Technical support
  6. Pricing

6 reasons Chiirp users switch to Hatch

A few key points before we continue:

1. Ease of onboarding

When you get a new tool for your team, you’re probably adding it to an existing arsenal. And your team likely already has a process for their known toolset (if they don’t, it’d be helpful to create one)! This means the new tool should be easy to set up and use so that it doesn’t eat up your team’s time. Easy peasy.

The Chiirp user interface is not so user-friendly. While it offers several of the same features as Hatch, a Chiirp expert is recommended, if not required, to get your team onboarded and ready to use the platform.

Hatch, on the other hand, aims to be lemon squeezy! While we do have an onboarding process, it is quick and easy and the platform itself is simple and intuitive. It has a Trello-like user interface, pre-built campaign templates, a step-by-step workflow builder, and self-serve integrations you can set up in just a few clicks—enabling your team to feel confident and be quick on the uptake so you can start getting value out of the platform right away.

What our customers say:

  • “Absolutely love this AI system, it is extremely user friendly and allows us to connect with our clients immediately after they inquire about our services. I would highly recommend this software to anyone looking for a helping hand in staying in-touch with your customer base.” Mackenzie Williams, Google review
  • “The ease of creating campaigns and the set it and forget it approach. It launched our business into the future and optimized us.” -G2 review

hatch uses trello board formats for communication tracking

Trello board style interface is easy to navigate and onboard for your existing and future team members. Customize your dashboard to fit your needs.

2. Granular audience segmentation and targeting

Targeting plays a vital role in the success of your outreach and lead conversion. This is because communication is only successful when it is highly personalized, and the only way to achieve personalization—at scale—is through granular segmentation and targeting.

Chiirp offers audience targeting, but in a very manual setting. This means you need to check your messaging sequences often and create multiple campaign variations to reach the right contacts, even if it’s only a slight messaging variation. And when you have hundreds of appointments and leads running at once, along with multiple campaigns, you’re going to lose something or someone in the cracks. Countless opportunities, leads, and deals get overlooked in a manual setup.

Hatch provides a truly automated audience targeting option. All of your campaign sequences can be automated and catered to as granular an audience as you’d like.

For example, you can create an appointment-setting message sequence to fire out to new leads that come in through Angi requesting a specific service and in a specific neighborhood. Or you could create a sales follow-up sequence for prospects who were quoted within a specific time period, for a specific service, by a specific sales rep.

The more granular your targeting, the more tailored your messaging can be, and the more likely you'll get a response.

What our customers say:

  • “We have created many custom campaigns to control our customer journey through the sales process and make sure their needs are addressed and the messaging is tailored to their individual journey.” - G2 review
  • “The ability to customize which clients are entered into a select campaign based on certain criteria within salesforce & having the option to add/remove someone manually.” -G2 Review

use various fields for advanced audience targeting

Learn more about the Hatch Audience Builder here.

3. Direct lead source & CRM integrations

Your lead source and CRM are your business’ holy grail. A communication platform that integrates with these tools is essential, but not all applications integrate nicely.

Chiirp offers limited integrations for its customers, with the largest three options being Jobber, Zapier, and ServiceTitan. They list two other integrations as well (ServiceMonster and Housecall Pro) but these don’t scale and appear to sync limited data . Keep in mind that there are additional, manual setup requirements here too, so an expert is often needed to get the integration configured in a way that makes sense for your business.

Hatch integrates with several lead sources and CRMs with automated syncs, giving your team the peace of mind that every quality contact will make it into their dashboard. ServiceTitan, Zapier, and Jobber are in our integration options, as well as several more that are catered to the home improvement industry. Many of these integrations have partnerships with Hatch as well, so you may be able to gain additional benefits than just having compatible, easy-to-use systems.

What our customers say:

  • “We save around 20 hours every week simply by using Hatch. The instant response saves us so much time but Hatch also keeps ongoing conversations organized so we can respond even quicker. I don't know what we'd do without it.” CMC Service Experts
  • “From set up to integration with existing apps/CRM's they've got it down to a science. “ C Burke, Google review

hatch integrates with several lead engagement platforms

Hatch integrates directly with lead sources so you can have the first outreach to key leads. See automated lead outreach in action.

4. Higher campaign capacity

Campaigns are how you reach out to and nurture the leads you’ve gathered and convert them into deals! A proper sales approach has a variety of campaigns going at once to cater to contacts at different stages of your funnel. You need to be able to scale those campaigns as your business grows to encompass more services, products, customers, and appointments. That means higher campaign capacity, customization, and, ideally, optimization.

Most communication platforms offer omni-channel campaign capabilities, and Chiirp is no exception. However, Chiirp does not offer campaign scalability or true optimization. Customers and clients must be added and checked on manually. They will not automatically move into new campaigns as their funnel status changes. This demands time and attention from your employees, leaving room for error and missed opportunities.

Hatch’s omni-channel campaigns are built to scale with your business needs and alleviate the burdens of manual contact updating. Whether your business only runs a few campaigns, is actively growing, or runs a significant number of campaigns per week, Hatch supports your campaigns with fully automated and customizable sequence options. We also offer pre-built campaign templates and messaging for specific objectives like lead outreach, sales follow-up, appointment confirmations, and review requests.

What our customers say:

  • “The biggest problem Hatch is solving is making it easier to get back to people after their initial appointment and actually getting them to respond. The benefit has been hatch becoming a significant part of our robust rehash and outbound efforts.” G2 Review
  • “With Hatch, we can literally touch any contact in our database for any reason. We use it to reach out to leads, to do rehash, to send coupons, you name it.” - Casey Sprabary, Strittmatter HVAC & Plumbing
  • “Keeping all of our active customers moving in the sales funnel and allowing our entire team to stay on the same page with each customer and address their needs accurately.” - G2 review

hatch enables automated text sequences

Hatch campaigns center around multi-touch outreach and can be catered to lead outreach, rehash, engagement, and more.

5. Speedy technical support

As with any software service or application, a good communication platform must offer technical support for its users. This ensures an easy transition into efficient use of the product, maximizes ROI, and gives users peace of mind. Even if you don’t want to call customer support, it’s good to know it’s there.

One of the most frequent complaints among Chiirp users is that technical support isn’t up to customer needs, and can take as long as a week to get a response. While downtime from technical issues is a natural occurrence from time to time, a week of downtime is unacceptable for many business functionalities.

The Hatch support team is committed to providing feedback and solutions to issues within a few days, three maximum. We value our customers’ time and know that in the business of home improvement and contracting, time is of the essence to engage new leads and close on existing ones. Hatch support is personalized to your needs and we pride ourselves on being able to get back to you swiftly.

What our customers say:

  • “I have built out interfaces with many API's over the years and Hatch is one of the easiest to set up, and their team is definitely one of the most responsive. I set up 5 or 6 integrations over a couple of days and it was virtually seamless.” Kory Anderson, Google review
  • “The integration process and the set up process was super seamless and I can reach out to our rep Heath anytime and I'll get a prompt response.” -Elizabeth, Google review

6. Return on investment

Company price points are made to keep organizations afloat, but they also usually reflect the scope of features and capabilities.

Chiirp is an affordable communication platform that scales nicely for local or small businesses. As such, it offers an affordable set of services, anywhere from $350 to $650 per month.

While the costs are low upfront, this does not take into account the longer-term time costs of manual implementation and contact management, or the resulting additional costs of missed opportunities and employee burnout. This, combined with its limited scalability make it difficult for businesses looking to grow and get a positive ROI on Chiirp. As a result, it’s more viable for single location or local businesses that do not use advanced or personalized communication strategies.

Hatch is more expensive than Chiirp, but this is a reflection of our platform encompassing all of the features we’ve covered above, which are essential for not only achieving a positive ROI on the platform, but also on your other sales, marketing, and customer service spend (think about your lead aggregators, CRM, and payroll). More importantly, Hatch is designed to increase your revenue with lower overhead costs, allowing you to maximize profitability. This makes Hatch more viable for medium, large, or multi-location businesses with advanced communication needs who are looking to scale and stay competitive in the market.

To quickly recap, these features include:

  • Seamless onboarding and intuitive platform to minimize the learning curve
  • Advanced, but easy audience targeting to maximize message effectiveness
  • CRM and lead source integrations to ensure no opportunities get missed
  • Campaign optimization and the ability to scale as you grow.
  • Speedy, personalized technical support and campaign guidance.

All that being said, if you’re a small business with the future sight to scale, building with Hatch may still be a good fit for your business.

What our customers say:

  • “Within the last month of having Hatch we have nearly doubled our conversion percentage! If you're thinking about getting Hatch for your business. I HIGHLY recommend it!”-Elizabeth, Google review
  • “We’re booking five times more appointments without increasing our budget.” - Bath Fitter San Diego
  • “We’ve tripled our response rate and brought in an additional $140,000 in revenue per month with Hatch.” -Paramount Builders
  • “We’re making an additional $50k per month in additional sales with Hatch and we’re saving hours per week.”  -ABC Seamless

Ready to make the switch?

Chiirp and Hatch are both omni-channel communication platforms that help you to move your leads, prospects, and customers through your funnel. Most of the differences between the platforms are based on scalability or the lack thereof. Of course, Chiirp does have its own selling points, like cost, so it still has a place in the communication platform playing field.

If you found these Hatch features and business benefits to be in alignment with your business needs, you can book a 15-minute demo here. We’ll show you how Hatch can improve your campaign sequences and lead generation so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

hatch demo offer

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