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Hatch and One Click Contractor Announce Partnership

First impressions might be the most important, but every impression matters. What impression are you leaving with homeowners every time they interact with your business?

The most successful home improvement contractors make these interactions just look easy to the homeowner. But running in the background is powerful technology that helps them look professional, close more deals, and make more money. 

So, what do you need to make this work? 

  • A repeatable, streamlined sales process that just works
  • A great all-in-one virtual sales platform 
  • A sales messaging platform that centralizes and automates your text, email, and phone conversations

Give your business the one-two punch it needs to provide a personalized, professional, and profitable impression that wows your customers and keeps them talking.

Learn how One Click Contractor’s virtual sales platform streamlines your entire sales process, from measurement to estimate to getting paid, and how Hatch centralizes and automates your sales conversations across text, email, and phone.

About One Click Contractor
One Click Contractor is the premier virtual home improvement sales software solution. Transform your business and connect with the customer across the new virtual kitchen table. Thrive in the new way of selling by embracing the use of technology to easily measure, estimate, sell, and get paid — all in one system. Learn more and schedule your Virtual Strategy Session with one of our experts.
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