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Hatch Announces Partnership and Integration with Contractor Appointments

Contractors can now use Hatch to instantly text, email, and leave a voicemail with new Contractor Dynamics leads.

Contractors are 21x more likely to close a deal if they respond to new leads in less than 5 minutes. That, combined with the increasing value of text messaging with homeowners means that your initial outreach needs to be instant AND over text - not just phone and email.

Hatch’s integration with Contractor Appointments ensures that you beat your competitors to every new lead and set more appointments. And if you don’t get a response the first time, Hatch continues to follow-up over text, email, and voicemail. 

Connect Hatch to Contractor Appointments in seconds and start booking more appointments.

About Contractor Appointments

We love Contractor Appointments because you only pay for the leads you sell.

Costs are minimal to join their network. After the initial implementation/escrow fee, you only pay for sales you close (pay per sale). They deliver 300-1,000 leads directly into your CRM each month. Dedicated account managers connect on a regularly scheduled cadence to receive feedback on lead performance and optimize lead conversion processes.Set More Appointments and Close More Deals: Download Now

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