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Hatch + Modernize for Instant Lead Outreach via Text, Email, & Calling

Over 200,000 homeowners rely on Modernize to find local contractors. Most Modernize leads are interested in receiving an estimate and have a timeline to do the project, but if they don't hear from you within 15 minutes, your chances of getting the job decrease 30% - 50%.

It’s time to stop funding your competitors, and work on your Speed to Lead.

We teamed up with Modernize to build an industry-first integration that connects you with Modernize homeowner leads the second they come in. Send personalized texts and emails, or even leave a voicemail - all automatically from your Hatch workspace. Then use Hatch’s powerful messaging platform to handle responses, book appointments, and close more deals.

The integration is FREE for all Modernize and Hatch customers.

If you want to get started with Hatch, visit and your onboarding fees will be waived (a $1.5k value).

Interested in getting more homeowner leads? Check out Modernize.Set More Appointments and Close More Deals: Download Now

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