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Modernize and Hatch Announce Partnership

No one likes paying for unqualified, low-quality leads. And when you finally do get a good lead, it’s the absolute worst when it goes dark. You’re left scratching your head wondering what you did wrong.

Research shows that you are 7x more likely to set an appointment if you respond to a new lead in the first hour than if you wait until the second hour.

As home improvement professionals, we hear this all too often. That’s why Modernize has partnered with Hatch: to combine best-in-class contractor lead generation with a modern communication platform.

With Hatch, you can connect with qualified Modernize leads over text, email, and phone the second they come in. Then, you can continue the conversation throughout their entire buying journey from one collaborative workspace.

With the Modernize + Hatch partnership, your Hatch setup fees are waived (a $1.5k value), and you get 15% Modernize marketing programs.

Want to learn more about Hatch? Visit to get started.
Want to learn more about Modernize? Visit Modernize to get started.

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