Partner Highlight

Hatch +  CraftJack = Success

We're so excited to share that we have recently partnered up with CraftJack to give you even more opportunities to jumpstart your sales processes.

Who Is CraftJack?

CraftJack makes it easy to find verified construction leads that boost your chances of keeping busy. They cover the widest range of jobs possible in the industry. They provide better leads, less stress to help contractors grow their business.

How does it work?

Home and business owners submit project details through CraftJack's sites. They verify the phone number for each and every lead. You get only great quality, residential and commercial leads.

Why Hatch + CraftJack?

We know you’re serious about your sales processes. And yet, even with the best intentions, leads inevitably fall through the cracks. That’s why CraftJack has partnered with Hatch. Hatch uses automation to instantly text, email, and leave a voicemail with every new lead....and then follow up until you get a response. Hatch’s automated system lets you:

  • Connect with each new lead within minutes via text, email, and voicemail 
  • Automate your sales follow-up so your reps know when leads are ready to talk
  • Bring in more leads via Website Chat and more

CraftJack + Hatch = Success

Click here to learn more about our new partnership and how you can use Hatch to accelerate your sales processes.


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