Hatch & ServiceTitan Join Forces to Take Customer Communication to Another Level

We are thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with ServiceTitan, the leading field service management software for the trades. This partnership combines our strengths so our mutual customers can take their customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and revenue growth to the next level.

hatch and servicetitan announce new partnership

“Contact centers are in a perpetual state of inundation today—with inbound leads, overdue follow-ups, and customer requests,” says Chris Bache, Hatch Co-founder and CEO.

"Having intelligent technology to not just alleviate the burden, but to speed up the process and exceed customer expectations—this is crucial for contact centers that are seeking a sustainable, scalable solution.”

A powerful integration, accelerated

What makes Hatch so effective as a communication platform is that it integrates with your lead sources and CRM to deliver targeted messaging across the entire customer journey. So the more data your CRM has, the better—and as one of the most comprehensive platforms in the trades, you can bet that ServiceTitan’s CRM data is robust.

Pair this wealth of data with Hatch’s targeting and conversational AI, and our mutual customers are equipped to exceed both their customers’ expectations and their revenue goals with unheard of efficiency.

hatch ai reducing conversation duration

What was taking days is now taking minutes and seconds with Hatch AI.

As one example, with a recent update to the Hatch + ServiceTitan integration, one of our shared customers achieved a 290% increase in recurring service appointments booked, while also saving two month’s worth of manual work.

“The Hatch + ServiceTitan integration is a powerful one—and for businesses with diverse offerings that are handling large volumes of leads and customers, it needs to be,” says Jason Dolan, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Hatch. This partnership will allow us to accelerate enhancements to the integration and up-level the value of our combined platforms, so our shared customers can stay at the forefront of their niches.”

This value includes:

  1. Enhanced customer experience: Conduct accurate, timely, and convenient communication with customers via SMS, email, and voice, based on real-time activity. Engage leads, follow up on estimates, provide job updates, and send membership reminders effortlessly.
  2. Improved conversion: Provide personalized attention to every customer at every stage of their journey, from initial inquiry to post-sale, post-service, and memberships—the kind that wins deals and keeps customers coming back.
  3. Reduced costs: With Hatch AI covering the targeting, qualification, appointment setting, reminding, and following up, organizations reduce costs associated with missed opportunities, operational inefficiencies, and both customer and employee churn.
  4. Impacted bottom line: Higher set, close, and retention rates at lower costs not only accelerates revenue growth but also ROI—on Hatch, ServiceTitan, and all other sales, marketing, and customer service investments.

Hatch & ServiceTitan, redefining efficiency

Hatch and ServiceTitan share the same drive for efficiency, and the same passion for creating advanced, yet accessible technology that propels businesses forward. And in an age of rapidly advancing AI and increasing customer expectations, this is more important than ever.

With our forces combined, we look forward to further empowering businesses to confidently leverage AI to scale up and drive costs down, while setting new standards for both customer and employee satisfaction.

To learn more, you can find us in the ServiceTitan Marketplace.

Hatch customers, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager here.

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