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Text Notifications are Here!

Hello Hatchers! Sarah here with your latest product update!

Text Notifications

We’re starting off 2020 with a bang - text notifications are finally here!

This addition of mobile notifications gives you even more control over how you interact with your Hatch board. Now, you can step away from your computer and be in the know when a customer is trying to have a conversation with you.

This is also the next step in getting your outside sales reps more involved and able to use Hatch. 

Here's how to enable text notifications on your board - just make sure you have a phone number set in your user settings!

textnotifs (1)

For more information, click here to see our knowledge article on how to set up notifications. 

Hyper Personalized Messaging

Having sent millions of messages, our team has found that the true power of getting a prospect to talk is by hyper-specific messaging.

Custom Snippets

The more personalized you can make a conversation, the better response you’ll get. That’s why we made personalization a big focus in our latest Hatch product update.

Now, you can pull in notes and details on customers from your CRM to either reference or directly input into your conversations.

Hyper personalized customer snippets give you the power to reference previously quoted amounts, project types, personal information or anything else you already have living in your CRM.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Here’s the complete breakdown of our latest product update. Happy engaging! 🐣


  • Text & email notifications have a link to login to Hatch
  • Users can send emojis in text messages without receiving an error.
  • Sometimes images were rotated incorrectly when sent. They don't do that now.
  • If contact is missing a snippet, they will not launch into a campaign.
  • Branding update to login screen and logo in navigation bar.


  • Cards that moved from board to board sometimes didn't show reminders or sold entry on closed card. Now they do.
  • Half Screen Issue - sometimes when Hatch lost connection, it caused users to see a half screen version of Hatch.
  • Typing into the search sometimes went crazy. It won't go crazy anymore.
  • Users were having trouble clicking forward in time on reports. They can now.
  • User email snippets were showing instead of new board email alias when campaigns were sent.

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