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How to Use Hatch Sales Reporting to Gain Insight to Your Business

We're always listening to what our customers ask, and one of the most frequent things we've heard is "how can I have better oversight into how my team is performing?"

Our new one-click reports include some significant changes designed to help you make informed decisions and develop your sales and engagement strategies.

1. “How is Hatch performing for my Entire company?”

Previously, you were limited to viewing only Workspace-specific reports - in fact, It was nearly impossible to get an all-inclusive view of your ROI. 

Now, in a quick glance, you can see how Hatch is performing across all your workspaces. You can even dig into to see why certain boards are performing better, giving you a chance to "coach up" your teams in charge of those boards or individual workspaces.

2. "How Can I Get Insights Into Specific Campaigns?"








We’ve broken up reports into categories. This will allow you to think about what is most important, and then dig into that particular subject.  

  • Want to see how many sales you closed this month? Check out the Sales Tab. 
  • Want to see how contacts respond to that new campaign messaging? Take a look at the Engagement Tab. 
  • Want to dig into individual campaigns and see how they are progressing? Go to the Campaign Breakdowns Tab. 

3. "Campaign Reporting Is Too Confusing."

In our previous reporting, you could dig into individual campaigns to see how they were performing. Everything you loved about the Campaign Reports is back, just in a simpler design. 

Dive into specific campaign metrics to compare what campaign brought in the most revenue and where you could be communicating stronger with your contacts. 

Our Hatch Customer Success team loves to use this report to highlight what types of objections your sales reps may be facing and how to tackle those.  This page is a great resource for coaching your team. 

4. "How Do We Get More From Hatch?"

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 10.05.39 AMHatch has been powering effective conversation strategies in the home improvement industry for over four years. 

We have a library of information and we want to power you with it, too.  

Around reports, you’ll see quick links to blogs and other content to help you make the most out of your account.  These tips will change out periodically so stay on the lookout for new information.

5. "We Want to See Hatch Reports For Specific Dates."

reportsfiltering_newWith our new date range picker, you can pick one day, three days, a year, etc. and get a snapshot of reporting for that time period.

We’ve also added some quick filters for easy access to your most common date ranges.

By default it is set to one week and will be readily available for all the Workspaces you have access to for that overall company view. 


Want to see Reports in Action? 

Check out this video demo to get a high-level overview of Hatch's Reporting.


Not a Hatch Customer yet? Reach out to our team to schedule a demo. We'll cover reporting, and the real value Hatch brings to the Home Improvement Industry. Set More Appointments and Close More Deals: Download Now

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