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How Hatch is Changing the Way Service Businesses Operate

As we continue to evolve our product, what we've found really exciting is that our customers are actually beginning to restructure their teams and processes around Hatch.

Here are some ways Hatch is changing the way service businesses and their call centers operate.

Employee growth

Hatch has a track record of helping its users grow in their careers and in their job satisfaction. We've seen:

  • Office administrators get hired to sales positions
  • Sales reps get promoted to sales managers
  • Sales reps earn "salesperson of the year" awards

And just last week, a prospect told us, "My competitor posted a job and one of the position requirements was for experience with Hatch."

Mind. blown.

...but, these are just the some surface-level benefits of using Hatch.

With the introduction of Hatch Mobile and Teams, Hatch can support your entire sales team - not just your manager or customer relationship representative.

Easier follow-up

Following up with new customers frequently helps build trust, and customers that know and trust their sales rep are more likely to buy.

But sales reps are busy people – always on the road meeting new clients, pitching new projects, and trying to close deals. It’s hard to also expect those reps to follow up with leads...

...unless they don’t have a simple, easy process to make that possible.

Taking stock of how our companies are using Hatch Mobile, we've found that giving your reps a tool to remotely qualify leads and follow up with prospects while in the field has been super powerful.

Restructured sales teams

Another unexpected outcome of this outside rep evolution has been the way companies are restructuring their sales departments to take advantage.

Titles and roles are becoming less defined. I mentioned before, a lot of Hatch companies are seeing office administrators play a role in communicating and following up with prospects.

Check out our post on ways to structure your sales team to learn the insights we've gleaned from this outcome!


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