Hatch 2.0: The Future of Sales Enablement

The future is bright home improvement sales teams - learn more about how we are changing the game.

I’m terrible at keeping secrets, so I’m glad to finally share this HUGE news.

Hatch is getting a major facelift and brand new features that will make your home improvement sales messaging and team management even more powerful.

Our product team has been diligently working behind-the-scenes and we’re only a few weeks away from rolling out Hatch 2.0. In this blog, I’ve compiled some of the major changes that will have the biggest positive impact on your business.

Voicemail Drop

Voicemail-1 (1)

Last week, we posted a blog about a new type of customer touchpoint. In addition to text, email, and calling, users can now add voicemails into Hatch campaigns.

Now, you can literally drag-and-drop a pre-recorded voicemail to add a human element to your automated outreach. Homeowners receive an immediate voicemail notification on their phone. Paired with texting, we’ve seen voicemails increase lead engagement rates by 23%.

Here’s how voicemails work in Hatch campaigns:


Revamped Reporting


One request we hear all the time from sales and team leaders is the ability to have more in-depth reporting into sales metrics and user performance. Imagine - as a sales manager, call center manager, or owner - if you could get detailed insights into :

  • Each and every sales conversation that your reps have through Hatch.
  • Statistics on campaign performance and follow-up.
  • Why your best-performing reps are so successful and how you can apply their “secret sauce” to your reps that need coaching.

The best part? All of these detailed reports are available with the click of a button.

Another huge benefit of new reporting is the ability to see how Hatch is performing holistically. You can look at the big picture of Hatch performing overall, or drill down and look at individual workspaces.

With our revamped reporting features, I feel confident in saying that you will not find better sales reporting than what we have built-in for Hatch. Check out this in-depth overview of the new reporting:

Campaign Templates


Where we hang our hat is on high-performing, automated engagement campaigns that put you in front of homeowners when they’re ready to discuss a project.

With campaign templates, we’ve taken the guesswork out of building campaigns on your own or with our customer success team. Hatch users will have access to a comprehensive library of proven campaigns that we’ve fine-tuned through millions of texts and emails sent from our platform.

Other Features

This major overhaul includes a number of other changes that will completely revolutionize your home improvement sales efforts.

Here’s are some other new features you can expect:

  • An updated on-the-go experience optimized for mobile devices, tablets and web browsers.
  • Easier-to-adopt user experience with self-guided tutorials.
  • Push notifications to hop in and respond to leads quickly from whatever device you have handy.
  • Ability to update your salesboard to your team’s most optimal workflow.

Want to take a tour of our new features? 

We'd love to show you around the product. Send us an email at support@hatchify.co to get a guided tour of Hatch and how we can help you achieve your goals in 2020 and beyond.Set More Appointments and Close More Deals: Download Now

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