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3 Ways to Use Hatch for Home Improvement Businesses

Competition is getting tough in home improvement.

But here’s what we know:

  • You will close 7% - 10% more business if you establish a professional rehash and revisit process
  • 2 out of 3 people would switch to a company that offers text messaging as a communication channel
  • Customers are 21x more likely to set an appointment if you respond to a lead in less than 5 minutes

Providing customers with personalized engagement and text messaging throughout the buying process is a sure-fire way to create new business. It also is a great way to build a reputation with customers for repeat business. 

In this blog, I'm going to talk about the top three home improvement strategies our customers use for communicating with their leads. 

And before we dive in - here's why these campaigns are relevant to you.

Since 2016, we've analyzed millions of messages from our platform. Our team has refined each of these campaigns to make sure that they get the desired results - more engaged customers and better sales cycles. 

Dive into...


Using Hatch for Sales Follow-Up

After an appointment runs, it’s your sales rep's responsibility to get the deal closed. Some companies use the term "rehash" or "revisits" for this scenario.

When communicating with customers in this step of the journey, the main goal is to surface objections and figure out how to resolve them.

Summary Series of text and email messages over a 10-day period to follow up with quoted customers.

Follow up with the customer 24-48 hours after the appointment runs with a simple question:

“Is there any reason not to move forward?” 

See if the customer offers up any objections on their own. If they have any questions, they will reach right back out to you. 

If they fail to respond, start to dig into specific objections:

“We’ve seen in the past there are three reasons why customers don’t move forward. Pricing, timing, or other. Tell me, could one of these be on your mind?”

Results By using this rehash strategy that includes text, email, and voicemails sent over a 10-day period, our customers see on average a 7-10% increase in close rate.  

Using Text and Images in Appointment Confirmations

If your business requires a rep to come to a person’s home, it’s important to build trust with the customer prior to running the appointment. 

One way to do that is to provide text reminders about the upcoming appointment that includes details about the rep coming to the home. Additionally, sending a photo of the rep they will have in their house can help add an extra layer of trust and comfort. 


3-day text only campaign to remind the customer about their upcoming appointment. 


24 hours prior to the appointment, inform the customer with details about the appointment:

“Hello Sarah. This is Susan from Longhouse Roofing. Your appointment is confirmed for tomorrow at 9:00 AM with our rep, Josh. I have attached a photo so you know exactly who to expect!”

1 hour prior to the appointment, let the rep make an introduction:

“Hello Sarah, this is Josh, Sales Rep at Longhouse Roofing. I’m looking forward to our appointment today. Do you have any questions I can answer now to make sure I’m tailoring the demo to your needs?”

Results By providing a photo of the rep within the campaign, our customers can build trust with their prospects. As a result, our customers see an increase in quality reviews following install. 


Using Instant Lead Engagement to Improve Speed to Lead 

If leads are coming to your business through lead generation tools such as HomeAdvisor or Modernize, there is no doubt that those same leads are being sent to other contractors in your area. 

In order to stand from the crowd, the key to scoring an appointment is engaging the customer quickly with personalized messaging.

Summary 5-day text and email campaign that immediately engages new leads..

Immediately after receiving the lead, ask the customer to schedule an appointment:

“I got your information from your submission and I wanted to get you scheduled for an appointment or answer any questions you have. How can I help?”

Continue to send text, emails, or voicemail messages that position your company or yourself as a resource or expert in the field. 

Results Through our lead generation platform integrations, personalized texts will automatically send to leads through Hatch. By instantly engaging leads with text, our customers see on average a 70% response rate without having to lift a finger. 



How It All Works in Hatch

We offer 10+ pre-built campaigns just like these ones. Designed with the home improvement industry in mind, we know what gets customers to respond and engage with your business. 

    1. In your Hatch Campaigns Page, pick your template and customize messaging to work with your business needs.
    2. Using our CRM integrations, work with the Customer Success Team to build out lists of contacts to launch on a cadence. 
    3. Respond to customers as they respond back to your campaign. 


To see these home improvement strategies in action, check out our campaigns demo:


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