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8 Remodeling Text Messaging Services for 2021 (Reviews/Ratings)

It’s no secret that trying to find and research a new tool, product, or service for your home improvement business can be stressful.

While Hatch is built for contractors looking to solve speed-to-lead, rehash, customer experience, and more with texting, you won’t see us in the list below.

People ask us about our competitors all the time when researching their options, so we figured we’d write this article for you.

We love it when our customers are as informed as possible. Plus, we’re not one to shy away from the competition.

Here’s a list of eight text messaging services besides Hatch for home improvement and remodeling companies.


Though not built specifically for the home remodeling industry, Avochato lets you chat with customers from a web-based platform that is set-up like an inbox.

    • Features: One-to-one texting, MMS (picture messaging), calling, web chat.
    • Integrations: Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zapier.


Built for a number of industries, including home improvement, Chiirp is a texting platform with automation-building capabilities.

    • Features: One-to-one texting, automation building, web chat.
    • Integrations: Zapier.


ContractorTexter is built to engage the leads that you buy from HomeAdvisor, AngiesList, etc. Every new lead gets an automatic text and responses go to your phone for follow-up texting.

    • Features: One-to-one texting.
    • Integrations: N/A


Not built for home improvement, more thought of as a mass messaging tool (think school closure announcements via text). EZTexter can also be used for mass group business texting about specials. Think MailChimp for texting.

    • Features: One-to-many texting, one-to-one texting, MMS (picture messaging) marketing.
    • Integrations: Constant Contact, Hubspot, Squarespace, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Zendesk, LeadsBridge, Zapier.


Marlimar is a messaging platform that is well-known in the home improvement industry. While it can be used to text with leads and customers, they also give you the ability to text reminders and blast customers.

    • Features: One-to-one texting, one-to-many texting, MMS (picture messaging), automation building.
    • Integrations: Zapier

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Podium started as a very successful reviews platform and has recently transitioned into a texting tool. While more focused on non-home improvement industries, Podium can still be used for manual one-to-one texting for home services.

    • Features: One-to-one texting, MMS (picture messaging).
    • Integrations: Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, Zapier.


TextRequest is a text messaging platform built for tons of industries, including healthcare and auto. It is popularly used as a texting platform for reminders and text marketing.

    • Features: One-to-one texting, one-to-many texting, MMS (picture messaging), web chat.
    • Integrations: Zapier.


ZipWhip is a well-known texting platform built for multiple industries, but specifically for retail and insurance. You can still use it for home improvement to text customers and leads in an email inbox-style format.

    • Features: One-to-one texting, One-to-many texting, MMS (picture messaging), automation building.
    • Integrations: Many integrations available, but none specific to home improvement.


Hopefully this article helped inform you on other options for business texting services for your home remodeling company.

Or, at the very least, saved you a couple of hours of Googling.

Still on the fence about text messaging for your home improvement or remodeling business?

Hatch is built for contractors to solve the biggest problems they face.

With dozens of pre-built text, email and voicemail campaign templates to choose from, remodeling businesses can launch their first campaign and receive inbound texts and calls within minutes.

Don’t take our word for it though - here’s what our friends at Bath Planet of Chicagoland said about it. 


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