Hatch Product Updates

Suggested Responses, New Integrations, and More

At Hatch, we push ourselves to empower our customers. The last few weeks have been busy for the product and engineering team implementing new tools to do just that. 

We’re excited to show you what we have in the works.

Suggested Responses


Suggested responses is a highly-requested feature, and it’s finally here. Save message templates to common customer questions, complaints or objections as a suggested response, and then easily send them to customers from within a contact card. 

Popular use cases for suggested responses are “Appointment Follow Up”,  “Still Deciding?”, and “Never Heard Back”.  By saving these responses, you can trust your team is always providing consistent replies to your clients.  

Suggested Responses will save your team time, while also making your messaging more consistent across users. 

This is especially helpful for our Call Center customers


New Lead Source Integrations


When a prospect requests an estimate or demo from your site or from a lead generation tool, they are almost guaranteed to also receive information from 2-3 other companies. 

It’s crucial for your business to be the first to respond. Companies that respond to a new lead within 5 minutes are 21x more likely to set an appointment. 

We have added support for the following lead sources:

  • AngiesList
  • Remodeling.com
  • Keyword Connects
  • SolarReviews (through Zapier)

To see a full list of our partners and integrations, check out our Partnership & Integrations.

Account Settings


It’s time to hand over the reins to your Hatch Account, to you! With Account Settings, users with Manager Permissions will be able to make adjustments to the account workspaces and users. 

Update workspace settings, add or deactivate team members, or update who has access to which workspace all from Account Settings. 

Interested in Seeing What's Coming Next? 

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