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The Ultimate Speed-to-Lead Playbook

Every home improvement business needs an effective speed-to-lead strategy. Leads come in, but managing those leads can be challenging. That's where "The Speed-to-Lead Playbook" comes in. In this eBook, you'll learn how to build a follow-up team and implement a strategy in your home improvement business that helps you connect with more leads, faster than the competition. Read on for a quick look at the popular eBook. 

What is Speed-to-Lead?

Speed-to-Lead is the strategy of quickly communicating with a lead once they fill out a form from your website or any other lead source such as Angi or Modernize. This strategy includes:

    • Setting up your website with messaging
    • Positioning your team
    • Getting to every lead within fie minutes
    • Having a rinse-and-repeat messaging template that your team can use. 

In fact, research shows that an effective speed-to-lead strategy will increase your changes of closing a new lead by 21x. 

The Speed-to-Lead Toolbox

There are a few technological requirements to getting your Speed-to-Lead program up to par. These include: a CRM or customer database, a website that is optimized for business messaging, and an email/texting tool.  

Tool#1: CRM or Customer Database

The foundation of any good speed-to-lead strategy (or business that wants to grow) is a single source of truth - a CRM. The information of every lead, customer, and prospect you engage with should live in a single place. 

Why is this important? Because you need a single place where your team can collaborate and have visibility on every new lead.

Tool #2: A website optimized for messaging

The key to getting to leads faster is by...well...getting the lead...but also responding to them in the channel they prefer. We analyzed hundreds of top performing businesses and found that the best of the best  have five things in common:

    1. Chat
    2. Clickable phone number
    3. Web form
    4. Textable phone number
    5. Phone number


Tool #3: Texting platform or tool

Studies show that 98% of texts are opened and read AND it's faster than calling. It's a mindset shift to start leading with text instead of a phone call, but texting has proven to increase set rates by 20% or more. There are plenty of businesses using WhatsApp or iMessage to text leads. But without a central place like a CRM to view communication, it can get tricky to manage. That's where a messaging platform comes in to play. 


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