Three Things Home Improvement Websites Need to Capture More Leads

September 21, 2020

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Lauren Notar
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Lauren Notar

If you’re the average website visitor, I’ve only got about 15 seconds before you click away from this blog. 

While I'd say you're not average (in fact, I'd say you're above average 😉), the reality is that most of the homeowners that hit your website are going to leave it in 15 seconds. 

How can you set your website up to convince more of those visitors to give you their number before they leave?

In this article, we're going to dive head-first into the three things your site needs to consider if you want to convert more visitors to leads.

1) Cut The Clutter and Simplify

This is more of a bonus tip, but I wanted to start with it because it's the easiest thing you can do today to improve your conversion rate. 

Visual and word clutter on your site will only frustrate the hell out of your website visitors.

Frustrated visitors means more people hitting the back button.

And that means less leads.

Even major companies like JC Penny are guilty of sending overly confusing messages. (Eyequant)

When it comes to simplifying your site, take a lesson from Hollywood.

“It’s why we love the movies. If we watched Jason Bourne try to get a girlfriend and a new apartment and a good deal on patio furniture AND discover his true identity and past, that movie would be terrible. Real life is messy, but movies filter out all the clutter and give us a clear, compelling story.”


Think about this in terms of your home improvement customer.

How many of them are already frustrated at the thought of spending $1,000+ on an emergency repair?

Can you effectively address their needs in the 15 seconds they’re on your site?

If not, they’re gone.

Simplify your messaging and your website. Make it easy to understand your products and your value proposition from the moment they hit your home page. New call-to-action

2) Make Web Forms A Priority

Your messaging is clear. Your site is beautiful.

I’m ready to give you my information. There’s just one problem.

I can’t find your web form.

In 2020, there are two web forms your site MUST have to convert more visitors. 

An Above-the-Fold Web Form


As soon as a visitor lands on your site, a web form should smack them in the face immediately.

We call these above-the-fold web forms because, like newspapers, the most important information is the leading headline above the paper crease.

Every site you have should have a floating web form on the top AND bottom. Even better? If it scrolls with the customer as they explore your site.

Web Chat Form

If you don’t have a web chat widget, you’re missing out on more opportunities to convert visitors to leads.


Web chat is such an important piece of the conversion pie that we offer Hatch Chat as a freebie to all Hatch customers.

Based on findings from our Hatch Chat widget, companies with a text-enabled web chat were able to increase their visitor-to-lead conversion rate by 32% after adding it to their website.


Simply put, the more paths you can create for a visitor to give you their information, the better.

3) Add Mobile Click-To-Text Options 

Your website should (hopefully) have an easily accessible click-to-call number.

Not sure what a click-to-call number is? Visit your own website, and click on your company’s contact number. Does your phone automatically pop the number up to call?


If not, you’re missing out on a LOT of leads.

The majority of your website traffic will most likely be mobile. The hassle of filling out a contact form without a keyboard is enough to drive away even the most determined

Even more effective than click-to-call? Giving the customer the ability to click-to-text your business. If you have a specific phone number you to use for text, use this HTML code to set-up click-to-text:

<a href=”sms:1yournumber“>yournumber</a>

In this case, yournumber is the phone number that you want visitors to text. 

This is really the biggest key to converting more website visitors - if someone on your website can TEXT your business, you’ll see lead conversion rates explode.


Ok, my site is set up. Now what?

There's a lot of things to consider when optimizing your site, but lead conversion doesn't have to be rocket science. The home improvement company that can simplify and make themselves easy to reach will win more online business than the competition.

Once leads start rolling in, check out our Messaging Master Class on-demand workshop for more information on how to convert more appointments!

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