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The 16 Best Lead Generation Websites for Contractors in 2023

The home improvement industry is a competitive one, and if you want to stay afloat, you need a steady stream of leads flowing into your business.

While lead generation strategies like paid ads and lead capture forms on your website are effective (and necessary), contractors often supplement their efforts with a lead generation service.


So what exactly is a lead generation service and which ones are the best? This is a loaded question, but lucky for you, this post is loaded with answers.

Read on to find out!

Note: This list is in no particular order

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Best lead generation websites for contractors in 2023: The quick list

Choosing the best lead generation service for your home improvement business takes careful research and time. There are a lot of factors to consider so that you get the highest return on your investment.

We'll be covering all of that in this post, but for your instant gratification purposes, here is the list:

(Note, these list are in alphabetical order—they're not ranked! The best service for you will depend on your specific business.)

Best lead generation websites:

Best lead generation companies:

Types of contractor lead services

Lead generation services are exactly as they sound — they provide you with leads, usually at a higher volume than you can generate on your own, for your business. There are two main forms of lead generation services: directory lead generation services (also known as lead aggregators) and agency lead generation services.

Agency lead generation services

Agency lead generation services help you establish and execute a marketing plan. This may include marketing strategies like website, SEO, PPC, email, listings, social media, and more—all of which are lucrative strategies for generating leads.

Directory lead generation services

While an agency will set you up to generate leads with your own assets, directory lead generation services will collect the leads for you and essentially deliver them to your doorstep. This doesn’t mean you’re completely hands-off, however. You still need to optimize your listing and profile to get the most qualified leads, and manage those leads properly.


An optimized listing is complete, consistent, and contains key elements homeowners look for like reviews and photos.

How does contractor lead generation work?

Lead generation for contractors works the same way as lead generation for any business: interested prospects provide their contact information in exchange for something they consider to be of value.

That could be a quote, information about the business, a consult, an ebook, a free tool, and so on.

But in terms of lead generation websites and solutions (like Porch, Angi, HomeAdvisor, Houzz, etc.), it works differently; and each service has its own ins and outs. In general, however, here's how contractor lead generation sites work:

  • Most sites collect from homeowners their project needs and from contractors their expertise—then use technology and human expertise to vet and match.
  • For many directory sites, it's free to create a listing and then there are paid options for buying leads, ads, prioritized ranking, and more.
  • Pricing models vary. Some have membership fees and then you pay per lead as well. Some offer bulk discounts, credits for leads that aren't a fit. Lead prices vary by industry, project, and service area.
  • Some companies deliver leads to your CRM while others come with an app or dashboard for managing those leads.

best lead generation websites for contractors - porch

Porch's process is a good representation of how most lead generation websites work.

Benefits of lead generation companies for contractors

Using a lead generation website or company is not like just buying a list of cold leads. When you choose the right provider and employ the right strategies, you can experience:

  • Volume: You can acquire a lot more leads with a lead aggregator than on your own (but you should still implement your own lead generation strategies!)
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs: A higher volume of leads, plus the right  speed-to-lead strategy will result in lower CAC.
  • Predictability and scalability: Most lead generation sites give you control over how many leads you have coming in, so you can scale up or back depending on seasonality and stage of growth.
  • Higher revenue: When you apply the right tactics to the right leads coming in, you’ll be feeding your funnel, increasing revenue, and of course ROI.
  • Focus on what matters: When you don’t have to spend time on lead generation, you can focus on your core competencies and on quality engagement, providing the best experience for your customers at all stages of their buyer journey.

beat your competitors to every lead

The best lead generation websites for contractors

This post is broken up into two lists: lead generation websites, which are more on the directory end of things, and lead generation companies, which offer additional services and solutions. Let's start with the former.

Angi Pro Leads

Angi is a directory (as both an app and a website) for consumers to find a wide range of services. Contractors and home improvement businesses can create a free listing, which will include contact information, reviews, project portfolios, and more. The more complete and thorough you build out your listing, the better Angi can match your business to the right people for you.

Angi also offers two paid options

  • Angi Ads: As long as your business meets the criteria, you can pay to advertise coupons, discounts, and promotions across the Angi website, magazine, and call center.
  • Angi Pro Leads: Formerly Homeadvisor Pro, Angi will collect and deliver leads to your business for you.

best lead generation websites for contractors - angi leads

Angi Pro leads also includes the Angi Pro Leads App which allows you to:

  • Manage leads, communicate with customers, and get notified when you have a new lead
  • Build and send quotes, request payments, and integrate with your invoicing software
  • Measure your success with metrics and customer behavior insights


BluePagesPro is an online directory designed to help homeowners find service professionals in their area. Your listing is a robust landing page called a BluePage, which includes:

  • Contact details
  • Photos and videos
  • Auto call
  • Description
  • CompanyCam to upload project photos to your page and website
  • Project Map It: an interactive map of your previous work that customers can search by area

best lead generation websites for contractors - bluepagespro

Its differentiator is “no lead fees or friction” which is accomplished through a suite of conversion tools, robust listing landing pages, integrations, partnerships, and recommendations.

Additional features of the ProPlan include

  • Financing
  • Ads Pro offers to advertise right from your bluePage
  • Proposal tool
  • Their Promise : A 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied after one year of enrollment and a warranty where they will make updates and fixes for you.


BuildZoom is a lead gen website specifically for contractors. You fill out an application and profile with your details, requirements and preferences. BuildZoom then refers homeowners to you whose needs are a good fit.

These referrals are free, and you can engage with the ones you see fit. You can also reach out to BuildZoom if you need more information on a project.

Then you only pay if you get hired, through a percentage-based referral fee.

best lead generation websites for contractors - buildzoom

Features of BuildZoom include:

  • Intelligent matching and performance-based access
  • Vets clients
  • Free to set up profile, consider jobs, meet with clients
  • Only pay when hired for the job
  • Use their CRM to
    • Manage all opportunities and close more jobs
    • submit bids and contracts
    • Review KPIs

Contractor Appointments

The way Contractor Appointments works is, after the initial implementation/escrow fee, you only pay for sales you close (pay per sale). They deliver 300-1,000 leads directly into your CRM each month. Niches it works in include:

  • Roofing
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Bathrooms
  • Walk-in Tubs
  • Solar

best lead generation services for contractors - contractor appointments

Additional features of Contractor Appointments include:

  • Scalable lead volume: You can set filters on the leads you receive
  • Lead quality: Leads are generated through internal traffic and forms, vetted partnerships, and other lead aggs.
  • Buy leads or appointments: If you have specific criteria and processes, you can purchase leads.  If you’re ready to run appointments, they’re all yours. You can book online, over text, or via phone.
  • Performance-based pricing: you can either pay per appointment, or, for more predictable marketing costs for brands looking to scale, you can pay per sale or revenue share (10-15% of net sales).

Contractor Clicks

ContractorClicks specializes in high-intent TCPA-compliant leads in home services for contractors who are seeking to grow their business.

Their service categories include:

  • Electrical
  • Fencing
  • Flooring
  • Gutters
  • Home Security
  • Home Warranty
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Remodeling
  • Roofing
  • Showers/Bath Replacement
  • Siding
  • Solar
  • Windows & Doors

best lead generation websites for contractors - contractorclick


HelloProject is another home improvement pro search engine for homeowners focused on bathroom remodeling, epoxy flooring, windows, HVAC, solar, roofing, plumbing, and kitchens.

If you want to apply to become a part of their pro network to buy leads, you can expect a personal interview, background check, and license and insurance verification. They’ll also look at reviews that already exist on your business.

best lead generation services for contractors - helloproject

Two key features of HelloProject include:

  • Flywheel marketing: HelloProject combines machine learning and human expertise to maximize lead quality.
  • Customized service: They work with you to help you hit your business goals, through regular meetings, reports, and optimization recommendations.

Home Appointments

Perhaps the best part about HomeAppointments is their tagline: "If you can't hit your ROI targets with our leads, we’ll fire ourselves."

HomeAppointments sources its leads through digital marketing channels and ads. Homeowners fill out a survey and if they match with your services, you’ll get the lead delivered to you via email, text, and directly into your CRM.

best lead generation websites for contractors - homeappointments

Features of HomeAppointments include:

  • Custom builds: They custom build each client’s campaign to generate qualified leads without duplicating current lead sources.
  • Support and success: Regular audits, reporting, and adjustments to keep your strategy strong, plus a dedicated customer success manager
  • No management fees: Only pay for performance.

HomeAppointments also provides some numbers to help you rest assured:

  • The average contractor gets an average of 5-50 high quality leads per day.
  • Their contractors book 15-35% of valid leads into appointments.
  • Their contractors typically close 20-50% of appointments set on their leads.


Homeyou connects contractors with homeowners who are actively looking to get work done. Homeowners submit information about their project and request to get an estimate, Homeyou vets and verifies them, then sends them over to you to seal the deal. You’ll also have a profile page to help set your business apart from competitors.

  • High intent leads: Homeyou sources leads who are searching online for terms like “plumbers in Denver.”
  • No long-term commitments: No contracts or monthly fees, cancel at any time, or put your account on hold if you need to.
  • Instant lead delivery through their app, text, and via their dashboard.

best lead generation services for contractors - homeyou

Image source


Modernize, acquired by Quinstreet in 2020, is the largest private residential lead generation service in the US. It’s focused primarily on roofing, HVAC and solar, but covers additional niches like:

  • Solar
  • Roofing
  • Windows
  • HVAC
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Cabinets
  • Home security
  • Home warranty
  • Medical alerts
  • Stair lifts
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Hot tubs
  • Flooring

best lead generation services for contractors - modernize

Modernize offers:

  • Scalability: Buy 100 leads or 5,000 so you can plan long-term and predict your growth
  • Lead quality: Modernize delivers leads in real-time so you’re getting connected with homeowners who are ready to buy.
  • Vetting and volume: More than 5,000 homeowners a day visit Modernize to find residential contractors, and Modernize qualifies over 2,000,000 residential job leads annually

It also offers a variety of contractor resources on its site including articles, ebooks, tools, and templates. If you're in HVAC and looking for more resources, check out our roundup of the best HVAC forums and blogs.


Porch connects homeowners with movers, home insurance, security, and home improvement contractors in their area and is particularly good for higher budgets and more established companies.

Their focus is on giving you the most control over the types of leads you get, when, and how. How it works is:

  • Customize profile with credentials, reviews, projects, more
  • Outline work preferences for project types and geographic area
  • Opt into leads which you can have delivered via email, text, or phone call

best lead generation websites for contractors - porch

Additional features of Porch include:
  • Flexible lead volume: Buy leads individually OR set a monthly budget and receive leads automatically, or combine both.
  • Vetted pros program:  With this membership program, you'll pay an annual fee, get a badge on your profile; and get 5% credit back on what you spent to buy leads on demand. You'll also get automatic lead credits if you reach out to lead and they don’t respond. You'll need to pass background check requirements, have no unresolved homeowner complaints, and have an active CC with no delinquency.

Like Modernize, Porch also has a solid resources page with guides, insights, and tips for success.


Thumbtack is our final lead generation website where you can create a free listing as well as pay for leads. If you go with the latter, you'll set your targeting preferences, then set a weekly budget. You'll only pay when a lead contacts your business. It's definitely more of a self-service option but it's intuitive.

Additional features of Thumbtack include:

  • No membership, entry, or annual fees.
  • Personalized one-on-one support
  • Competition limit
  • Phone numbers on all leads
  • Book jobs instantly
  • Set weekly spending limit to control costs
  • Thumbtack Community with events, networking opportunities, resources, and more.

best lead generation services for contractors - thumbtack community

The best lead generation companies for contractors

The above list was focused on the more directory-focused lead generation services. The rest of the lead generators on this list offer more robust solutions, whether through a SaaS platform or marketing services.


ActiveProspect is not a lead generation company but we still wanted to include it on our list. Rather, it's a lead verification SaaS platform that is focused on consent-based marketing. It offers contractors a way to safely and efficiently scale their lead generation efforts by helping to identify the leads most likely to convert, ensuring that each lead has given consent, and verifying TCPA compliance.

best lead generation companies for contractors - activeprospect

ActiveProspect breaks its lead generation solutions down into Compliance, Lead Acquisition, Lead Optimization, and Lead Distribution and products include TrustedForm, LeadConduit, LeadsBridge, and SuppressionList.


Buyerlink allows companies to access locally-targeted, category-specific leads through a patented online auction marketplace.

Called the Buyerlink marketplace, you can purchase leads, Enhanced Clicks (a branded term), and/or calls according to criteria like consumer intent, location, volume, and price.

best lead generation services for contractors - helloproject

Buyerlink is good for a number of industries, including automotive, home services, home warranty, insurance, legal, real estate, solar.


CraftJack provides real-time, phone-verified leads for contractors across the widest range of jobs in the industry—making it ideal for niche contractors.

best lead generation companies for contractors - craftjack

Features of CraftJack include:

  • Pricing: No membership fees, you only pay for leads. CraftJack will also credit you for non-working phone numbers, wrong numbers, and those that do not own the home.
  • Discounts: CraftJack does not offer a credit for leads you don’t connect with but are qualified for, but instead offers discount pricing when you buy higher volumes of leads.
  • CraftJack Pro Lead Manager App: to keep track of incoming leads, contact homeowners directly, request reviews, manage budget and service areas, and get alerts.
  • Dedicated account managers: Someone will help you set up your profile and provide tips and guidance to keep the right cadence of leads coming in.
  • Speed to call discount: The quicker you call your leads, the cheaper they are.

Speaking of which, have you downloaded our Speed-to-Lead eBook?

beat your competitors to every lead


EverConnect is a lead aggregator, a platform and an agency all in one that prides itself on advanced technology (AI, algorithms, and APIs) but also simplicity. Consolidation 33 Mile Radius,, and Keyword Connects.

There are three core solutions that you can mix and match to build a lead generation engine for your business.

  • EverConnect Live: Delivers exclusive leads at a fixed price, great for contractors with a specific coverage area and for urgent needs like home repair, electrician, and plumbers.
  • EverConnect Direct: Delivers leads at a pricing system you set, also provides tailored campaigns to generate leads and strengthen brand awareness; great for regional or larger businesses.
  • EverConnect Marketplace: Delivers high-volume leads at custom pricing using auction-style bidding; choose between exclusive and shared leads, funneled into your CRM, Great for regional or national franchises

best lead generation websites and services for contractors - everconnect

Some solid features of Everconnect include:

  • Strategic help: Once you set up your service area and categories, they’ll help you build out a strategy based on your goals.
  • Customized pricing strategy: No monthly service fees or long term contracts. Cancel or pause your account whenever. You work with them to come up with a pricing system that works for you: pay by lead, by phone call, by campaign, or a hybrid approach.
  • Lead delivery: They screen and qualify each lead and then deliver them via your CRM or by phone. They can arrange appointments on your behalf as well.


Houzz is both a lead generation website and lead service provider for contractors, builders and remodelers, interior designers, and architects. You can create a free profile for customers to browse, but their paid options are plentiful. These include:

  • Lead generation: Includes Preferred Directory Placement, Lead Generation Program, and Targeted Advertising
  • Business management: HouzePro is a CRM tool to manage leads, communicate with prospects and customers, schedule meetings, share project timelines, and generate estimates and proposals.
  • Marketing solutions: Premium Profile, photo services, custom website, and email marketing.

best lead generation websites for contractors - houzz

You’ll have a customer service team to onboard you, access to customer service via phone, chat and email, and a variety of resources including webinars, video tutorials, and Help Center articles.

You can also get a dedicated Client Success Manager for an additional fee.

How to choose the best contractor lead service

So great, now you have 16 great options for lead generation services. How to determine which one is right for you? Here are some key considerations to help you:

Your marketing foundation

If you don't have a solid marketing foundation in place, you may want to go with an agency that provides these services as well. Remember that leads will continue to research you once you've reached out to them. You want to have a solid online presence so they can learn about you and build trust. Plus, any marketing strategy you implement works better in conjunction with others. Things to consider here include:

  • Your online foundation: do you have a website, social media profiles, and free directory listings set up?
  • Advertising: Are you running Google or Facebook ads? Do you need an additional paid channel? Do you have the resources to create the ad copy and creative?
  • Listing optimization: Do you know how to optimize your listing and profile? Do you have quality images of your projects and existing reviews and testimonials?

Your tech stack

Each lead generation company comes with its own set of products, solutions, and features that you may or may not need depending on your:

  • CRM: Make sure the lead source integrates with your CRM so you're not duplicating your efforts or confusing lists.
  • Communication tools: You'll want the ability to reach out to these leads on the channels that perform best for you. Think also about bidding and proposal tools.
  • Analytics: It's essential to be able to measure your performance with these leads and your ROI. 

Your budget, plans, and goals

Think not just about the current state of your business but the goals and plans you have and where you want to be. Considerations here include:

  • Does your average project size match their average project size?
  • Do you have seasonal ebbs and flows such that you'll need a flexible option?
  • Are you looking to scale and grow or just maintain profitability?

Your communication strategy

Of course, you need to make sure you have the right team, tools, and processes in place to be able to handle a high volume of leads. Otherwise, you won't be able to turn these leads into appointments and appointments into sales.

The 16 best lead generation companies and websites for contractors: recap

To conclude, here are the best lead generation websites and companies for contractors in 2023 (in alphabetical order):

  • ActiveProspect
  • Angi Pro Leads
  • BluePagesPro
  • BuildZoom
  • Buyerlink
  • Contractor Appointments
  • Contractor Clicks
  • CraftJack
  • EverConnect
  • HelloProject
  • Home Appointments
  • homeyou
  • Houzz
  • Modernize
  • Porch
  • Thumbtack

The right one for you will depend on your current marketing foundation, tech stack, budget and long-term goals—but the most important thing is to have the right processes in place to make the most of these leads. 

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