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Top 10 Lead Aggs for Home Improvement

Lead aggregators for the home improvement space exist universally, especially those that are designed to be "the best fit" for contractors. How do you sift through all of the sparkling promises to find a lead aggregator that is actually going to land you with valuable leads? Our team at Hatch wants to ease that burden for our customers, and other industry pros. These are our picks for the Top 10 Lead Aggs for Home Improvement companies (in no particular order!). 

1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a lead agg that provides a space to pin down the leads that are the best fit for your company and spark an initial connection. The services' most emphasized feature is the accessibility of their product. Thumbtack wants customers and contractors alike to have a stocked arsenal right at their fingertips. Find a contractor, or connect with a lead, from anywhere you are. Contractor business profiles attract top pick leads, using targeting preferences you set up. These preferences find/attract the most steady leads by asking set questions like what kind of jobs are being offered and hours of availability. Pricing for the product depends on usability, to get started create an account and set your profile preferences.

2. Angi Leads

Angi Leads is an online contractor catalog, designed to be driven by communication. They use customer reviews and feedback to compare offers and select a company that best suits the customer's individual needs. The more positive interactions a business receives, the more likely they are to receive further business from the community. Successful projects and glowing reviews provide companies with credibility and reliability. Angi becomes a part of your sales and marketing team, eliminating the need for tedious scrolling, scanning, and calling. It allows your business to focus more on communication with customers, and less on finding the right ones. It is free to set up a company profile, and there are different contract options available.

3. Porch

Porch is a lead agg service built to help home service providers create a personalized business profile and request a quote for their work. Porch compares services providers and their profiles to customers based on their desired home professions or projects. Customers can reach out to different companies to receive quotes and schedule appointment dates. They can then compare offers based on budget and necessities. The app shows the history of previous projects completed on a home and highlights digital media to display your product. The service is free to customers or leads who are using the service. Create a profile, select your industry specialty and the zip codes that you are interested in providing for. This determines the costs of the services. Upgrade to a Pro account to unlock more of the unique product tools that the service had to offer, including a certified badge on your profile .


4. EverConnect

EverConnect is a state-of-the-art performance marketing tool produced by the consolidation of three industry tools, Keyword Connects, 33 Mile Radius, and Remodeling.com. EverConnect works with any size company to increase the growth metrics based on the return on investment. The service offers strategic lead choices, multiple strategy outreach plans that all allow for plug and play to assess options that would best fit your business needs. Data consulting services provide contractors with personal assistance to set plans and goals for their business with the increased internet presence and lead volume. EverConnect is all about analyzing the size and performance of your company, to create a customized plan that works best for your business goals. 

5. CraftJack

CraftJack is an effective digital marketing and advertising platform. Their priority is to the customer, their satisfaction is the most crucial factor to securing sales. CraftJack uses targeted marketing to surface the right leads, connecting customers to the best-fit contractors. They cover the widest range of services in the industry, guaranteeing that your business is receiving more, high-quality leads. CraftJack calls leads promptly after they have scheduled an appointment. This not only verifies all of the details and satisfaction with the process of their service, but your business also does not owe any sign-up fees or monthly subscriptions, and your payments are based upon your personal product's performance.


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6. HelloProject

HelloProject is a lead aggregator that searches for the best-fit contractor to get quality work as soon as possible, fostering an environment for growth and network development. HelloProject is a flywheel marketing-based company, meaning that customer communication, education and connection are essential to their operations. It is their mission to initiate meaningful conversations and continuing relationships for future success. HelloProject is a software that is designed to be easy to use, to find and display quality craftsmanship, from the most reliable contractors. Background checks and extensive research is done on contractors listed on the site to ensure the highest quality work. Get directly in contact with customers and encourage them to set a free estimate for your services. HelloProject offers multiple ways to utilize the service, by paying for unlimited leads, pay-per-lead, and discounted shared lead packages. 


7. HomeYou

HomeYou is a vast A-Z list of home improvement, contractor, and home service offerings. Their biggest goal is to assure they are providing actively engaging leads, by partnering with your team to create a profile that accurately presents your business. HomeYou is a unique service; new leads are offered to multiple contractors for their project. It allows customers to select the most effective service provider by using keyword searches. Your business is verified by the app, when the service receives a customer request, they give you several notifications to ensure you never miss a lead. HomeYou is a service offered to over 1000+ home service providers. There are no long-term contracts or requirements required, just get started and build your business honestly.


8. Contractor Appointments

Contractor Appointments are doing exactly what they advertise, getting more contractor appointments set. The software assists customers in setting an appointment based on the best prices in the area and scheduling an appointment online with accountable home pros. When your business combines the means to find a lead, and make direct contact with them, you are at an advantage. You are first to the gates in getting a chance to secure a sale with that customer and boost your company's reputation. Contractor appointments are very present in the media space, teaming up frequently with partners, including our team here at Hatch, to provide customers and contractors with not just the leads, but the skills to encourage cost-effective business practices when setting appointments. 

9. Modernize

Modernize is an advertisement and lead aggregator that supports an environment of healthy competition in the home improvement industry. Using your business location, product offers, pricing and reviews, Modernize builds advertisements that accurately represent your business. Leads from Modernize are distributed to multiple contractors, incentivizing your customer outreach team to be the first to get in contact with leads. The software service includes a One-on-One partner manager with Modernize, who assists you in optimizing your data-driven strategies and feedback loops in order to cultivate the most effective methods of capturing a sale. Hatch partners with Modernize to encourage text messaging techniques as a way to improve customer outreach. Modernize has pay-per-lead packages based on the industry that your business is tailored to serve. 

10. BluePagesPro

BluePagesPro is a Lead Agg that uses the customer's desired location to search for the top home pros in the area. The BluePagesPro Pro-plan includes several additional features including video and media displays, branded logos, and exclusive leads. They partner with home improvement companies in order to provide customers with the best proposals and pro offers on the market. BluePagesPro has many different pricing options based on the volume of leads you are looking to secure, including a free version of their service. 


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