What's New + What's to Come For Hatch (January 2021)

Happy New Year!  You are ready to grow your business and we’re ready to grow with you.

For the past few months, we've been working on some amazing self-service features in Hatch to encourage and promote that growth.

While we have a ton of new features and improvements on the roadmap for 2021, here are the top three that will have the biggest impact on how customers can use Hatch this year. 



Ready to slice and dice your contact data every way to Sunday? Now you can directly in product using Groups.  

Groups are personalized to YOUR DATA giving you options on who you want to target based on the information coming from your CRM integration or a direct import.  

Use the drop down menus to pick the exact data field your team uses to target for New Leads, Appointments or Rehash and save them along with other details to build the perfect audience. 

Add that Group to a Campaign through Workflows (see below) for instant automation. 




Workflows are the true power house/differentiator for Hatch. These are what make all of the automation of your campaign messages happen. 

Our team built an easy-to-use, step-by-step workflow builder so now you have the ability to manage them anytime you want on your own terms.

Ever get the urge to start building a new Sales Follow-Up campaign at 2:00AM? Now you can on your own without having to coordinate with your Customer Success Manager.

Simply grab the Group and Campaign you want to send, create a workflow and knock it out in 15 minutes. 

You can also see how many contacts went through your Workflow as well as set conditions for contacts you don’t want to be automated.

For example, if a status changes to “Sold” it’s time to remove them from the sales follow-up campaign. 


Longer Campaigns

You asked, we listened!  Campaign limits are no longer 30-days but can go as long as 120-days. 

This is great for drip, nurture campaigns reaching out to past customers or older cancellations to see if they may be ready to start that project in the new year! 

Just go to the campaigns page and scroll to the bottom of your campaign days to add more days up to 120. 


Interested in a specific new feature or product improvement?

Have any great product ideas? I’m always looking to talk to customers about how Hatch can improve. Reach out to me at susan@usehatchapp.com to grab time to chat.Set More Appointments and Close More Deals: Download Now

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