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What is integrated text messaging and how can you use it?

We all know it’s true - people don’t like answering their phone. In fact, Pew Research found that 80% of people say they ignore calls from people they don’t know. Admit it - you’re probably guilty yourself! It’s no surprise that small businesses, including those in the home improvement industry, have experienced a shift to text messaging. It’s a no brainer move - text messaging has a 98% open rate. You’re basically assured that potential customers will see any text message you send. So what is this about text message integration? How do you use it? Heck, what even IS integrated text messaging? Read on to find out more about integrated text messaging and how it might be of use to your business. 

What is integrated text messaging?

Integrated text messaging is the phrase used to describe any time you integrate text messaging with another system used in your business. Integrated text messaging started with large cell phone companies. They made it possible that a text message coming from your phone could also connect to your tablet, computer, or anywhere on the web.  This is basically the same way integrated text messaging works for business, but at another level. There are a variety of software programs you can integrate with text messaging to more easily and effectively reach customers. 

Use integrated text messaging to improve speed-to-lead

One of the best ways to take advantage of text message integration is by using it to respond to leads quickly. Research shows that the first person to respond to a lead inquiry is likely to get the sale. This means that reaching out as quickly as possible to each and every prospect is a vital part of successful lead management. Just how quickly should you respond? Best practices show that responding within 3-5 minutes is the most effective method. Of course, your team members are busy. They could be on the phone with a customer, out on a job site, or even in the bathroom! Integrating an automated text message response with your lead forms or lead aggregator sites ensures that you will be responding as quickly as possible. Your reps can then hop into the conversation whenever the timing is right. 

Integrated text messaging boosts sales follow-up

Rehash is another great time to integrate text messaging into your processes. Automation can be set up to create text message campaigns that reach out to leads already in your system. These can happen at any time. Perhaps your sales team isn’t following up after a quote as often as you would like. Or maybe you want to reach out to former customers to find out if they are interested in additional services. Whatever the reason, integrating text messaging with your CRM allows you to contact all of those important numbers automatically and regularly. 

Integrating text message with your lead sources and CRM has been shown to improve appointment set rates between 10-20% and boost close rate anywhere from 7-13%. This is all without you needing to be involved much at all. It's pretty easy to see why so many companies are moving in this direction. Hatch integrates with a variety of systems and platforms. You can see the full list of our partners here

To learn more about using the right cadence messaging when reaching out to new leads (and tons more!), be sure to check out our free ebook, "The Speed-to-Lead Playbook." 

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