Sales Follow-Up That Actually Works

You will close 7% - 10% more business if you establish a professional sales follow-up strategy.

Hatch helps you convert your unsold quotes into paying customers.

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70% of the leads you quote DON’T buy from you

Your reps are busy. You have A LOT of leads and quotes out there, and you don’t have a consistent workflow for getting feedback from quoted jobs.

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And you probably don’t know why

Whether it's pricing, timing, or even your sales reps themselves - you need insight into why customers aren’t buying, directly from the customer.

Then, your team can decide how to handle objections and convert more quotes to sales.

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We've Made Nearly $100,000 a month From Hatch's Sales Follow-Up Program Over the Last 6 Months.
Jesse Barlean Marketing Manager, ABC Seamless

How Sales Follow-Up Works in Hatch

Build A Workflow in Hatch That Is PROVEN To Work

Connect to your CRM and choose from dozens of pre-built workflows and messaging campaigns that are industry PROVEN to drive results.

Automatically Message Quoted Leads

Hatch automatically puts contacts into your multi-touch, multi-channel workflows, so you get a response 85% of the time.

Surface Objections Directly from your Customers

Once your customers respond and you get to the REAL objections, delegate responses to the right user so they can jump into the conversation and close the deal.

Set more Revisits and Track your ROI

Want proof that follow-up is working for you? Hatch keeps tabs on ALL of your conversations and how much MONEY you've made from specific strategies like rehash.

See how much you can make with Hatch Sales Follow-Up

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See how Hatch can help you achieve a 7-10% increase in close rate