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Why We Built Teams

The best sales departments follow a team mentality. People that work together to help reach company goals, and support each individual contribution will do better overall, and have a happier workplace.

Our own sales team is growing, and we’ve realized that we’re stronger together. Tag teaming opportunities, sharing tips, and working closely with the other departments leads teams to reaching their goals each month.

Our customers are changing, too — while at one point the Hatch App was run by one person in a company, we now see multiple team members using hatch to start conversations. We see users working from different

departments, talking to different types of contacts, and even multiple users working the same board to make sure contacts get timely responses and the company is able to keep up with incoming leads.

We are so excited to make our customer’s experience on Hatch even better.

Introducing, Teams.

Teams was designed to easily scale up companies that want to expand their Hatch app.

For example, Teams allows you to…

  1. Have separate Boards for each part of your business. If you have different cities you work in, you could set up a board for each with its own area code.
  2. Have multiple logins for your team. For example, Miles, Sarah, and John can all login to the same board at the same time.
  3. Give Permissions to specific users. Let’s say you want Miles to have access to the Retail Board, but not the Trade Board. You can do that!

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