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This Concrete Coating Business Made $1M in a Year With Sales Follow-Up

Justin Mills is the sales manager at TSR Concrete Coatings. He manages a team of 15 spread across three states: Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. 

On top of that, he’s a father, a coach to his sales reps, and - as of April 2020 - TSR’s designated sales follow-up specialist. For 2-3 hours a day, he logs into Hatch to follow-up with customers that his reps didn’t close. 

In just 8 months, Mills’ efforts have generated over $900,000 in revenue for TSR.

“I’ve worked as a sales manager for a few different companies [in the industry], and the thing I’ve learned is that most sales reps just don’t have the follow-up mentality,” Mills said. “They take ‘no’ personally, and just go on to the next appointment.” 


In an age of instant gratification, “one-call closes” are the jackpot for both the company (higher ROI on rep time spent per deal closed) and the sales rep (commission in pocket and more time to run other appointments).

But, chasing that one-call close will hurt your business in the long run. Simply put, the more leads your reps burn through, the more cash your business burns through. 

“We just had no way of tracking follow-ups effectively enough,” Mills said. “The lack of visibility was tough to manage. The great thing about Hatch is that I can take that responsibility each day by following up with leads and know why or for what reason they didn’t buy.”


TSR started using Hatch in April 2020. With Hatch offering deferred payments to home improvement and home services businesses due to lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, Mills used the platform for three months to help 

  • In April - 20+ deals for $102,318. 
  • In May - 25+ deals for $105,958. 
  • In June - 40+ deals for $182,410.

Within three months, Hatch helped TSR generate over $390,000 in net revenue they otherwise would have lost. 


As TSR continues to smash sales records, Mills says that they’re closing in on their goal of $145,000 a month in rehash sales alone. 

“We’re growing quickly and adding another location, so being able to sell quickly and automatically have our follow-ups automatically taken care of is huge,” Mills said. 

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