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Software Empowering Semi-Retired Reps

After 15+ years of selling home improvement services for Pella Windows and Doors in Chicago, Dan Maroney faced a dilemma.

"A few things were happening, but really it came down to me just being ready to take a step back from my career and focus on life," said Maroney. "I have always been a hard worker and loved helping customers, but I realized it was time to consider retirement."

Not soon after Dan's decision, Stacy Knop, sales manager at Pella Windows & Doors Mountain West reached out to Dan with a proposition.

"In Dan I saw a tremendously knowledgable sales professional with a deep understanding for our product lines," said Knop. "I asked if he would be interested in helping us set appointments with rehash clients - and it ended up being a perfect match."

After getting introduced to Hatch in late October, Maroney found himself with a powerful tool that allowed him to balance retirement and his passion for helping people navigate the stress of high-consideration home improvement purchases.

"It's kind of like a Ferrari," Maroney said. "You can hand someone the keys to this powerful engine, but if they don't know how to drive it, it's not going to be pretty."

With each week he uses it, Maroney says he feels more comfortable with the tool. In fact, he's still refining his sales techniques with it, including how he interacts with customers.

"I'm amazed at the customer's willingness to talk when you handle all conversation in the avenue they choose," said Maroney. "When you're following up with someone by phone call, their entire world stops for you. Texting gives them control and lets them feel more comfortable about opening up with their needs."

Maroney's success with Hatch in such a short time is proof that conversation platforms are a game-changer for retail companies.

Though he's only been using the tool for a short time (and only for 15 hours a week), Maroney netted seven appointments in the first week of November. His industry expertise combined with Hatch gives Pella Mountain West a secret weapon in rehash engagement.


"One of my favorite things is being able to pull in previous communication history while talking with a customer," said Maroney. "Just last week, a customer was upset because every quote they had received - from us and our competitors - was too high."

"In the middle of our texting conversation, I checked the quote they had received and found that we could dramatically lower the cost by moving forward with vinyl windows instead of fiberglass, resulting in another appointment for our team."

Though Maroney has only been using the tool for a short time, his story is an interesting use case for companies looking to leverage the expertise of professionals considering retirement.

"Dan has been a great asset to our team," said Knop. "Hatch has given him an opportunity to continue his passion for helping customers and also enjoy life on his own terms.Set More Appointments and Close More Deals: Download Now

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