Help Shape the Hatch Roadmap with Our New Customer Feedback Tool

Here at Hatch, we’ve always valued the feedback of our customers, striving to adapt to your needs as fast as possible. We’re always looking to improve our product, but it’s hard sometimes to pick where to start!

That’s why we’ve added an easy feedback tool, right within Hatch where you can quickly request features and submit feedback to Hatch as well as see what other Hatch users have proposed.

We’re really excited about this new tool. Keep reading to see how you can be part of the growing Hatch community, have your voice and ideas heard, and help shape the Hatch roadmap!

An easier way to get your feedback

At Hatch, we are constantly looking for ways to keep our product the best in the market, but “best” cannot be defined by what we think is best—it needs to be defined by you, our customers! Your satisfaction is our guiding principle, which is why we regularly communicate with our customers and ask for feedback.

The only problem was, we weren’t collecting it all in one place.

This new built-in feedback tool offers a single location to collect feedback and prioritize the feedback we get from you so we can provide you the most value.

It’s a place where you can engage directly with Hatch engineers and other customers to get more value from Hatch.

The best part is, it works like a Reddit forum. Customers can view and upvote each other’s feedback so we can prioritize our roadmap, and our Product Team members can engage with you through comments.

How do I use the new Hatch feedback tool?

From the Hatch platform, click on your profile icon on the bottom right, and a menu will appear. Select “Feedback & Requests.”


You’ll be taken to the Hatch Canny page. As of right now, there are two forum boards: Feature Requests and Campaigns & Workflows. 


You can view posts and comments in each board without an account. Once you create an account (it’s free), you can sign in and add your own feedback or requests. You can even comment on other members’ posts and vote on posts you find valuable to show that multiple users are experiencing a similar issue, indicating priority to the Hatch product team.


Share your voice in the Hatch community

We are so excited to have a dedicated tool for hearing your feedback, improving our product, and developing the Hatch community. This is going to help us stay on top of your evolving needs and continue being the best customer communication tool on the market.

Our goals are to make you feel seen and heard as a Hatch customer, and to make sure you are getting the highest returns on your investment into the Hatch product. Your feedback and satisfaction is our priority and building this community will help us to not just satisfy, but exceed, your expectations!

Start shaping the Hatch roadmap now

Already a Hatch user? Login to start posting your feedback and requests now! Not yet a Hatch user but interested in learning more? Get in touch with us here!

Hatch feedback tool FAQs

What is Canny?

Canny is the customer feedback management software that we’re using to provide the feedback forum within Hatch.

Do I have to have a Canny account?

That depends on how engaged you want to be in the Hatch community. You don’t need a Canny account to see the Feature Requests and Campaigns & Workflows discussion boards. So, if you’re just looking for ideas and to see what other Hatch users are interested in, no account is needed.

However, posting, commenting, and voting on posts require an account. If you’re looking to be involved and have a say in what Hatch is doing, and we hope you do, you need an account.

Should I use Canny for customer support?

Canny is for product feedback and feature requests. It’s intended to be a place for your ideas and suggestions for things you’d like to see in Hatch in the near future. Members of the Hatch product team will be monitoring Canny to provide answers to questions and respond to feedback as we are able. However, Canny does not replace our customer support services. You should still reach out to your Account Manager for things like individual account support, billing issues, and bugs.

What if I don't want to post my questions publicly?

You can continue using our regular customer support services and get in touch with your Account Manager for your more specific Hatch questions.

What if my feedback or request doesn't fall into any of the board categories?

If you have feedback or a question that doesn’t quite fit into the Feature Requests or Campaigns & Workflows category, add your comment to the one that seems like the closest fit. You can always add a comment on additional Canny panels you’d like to see!


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