Improve Hardscaping ROI With Lead Messaging

It has never been more important for hardscaping companies to engage leads faster, set more appointments, and close more deals. That’s why we’re here.


Speed-to-Lead for Hardscaping Businesses

We all know that the early bird gets the worm. Now with automated text, email, and voicemail through Hatch, hardscaping companies can become that early bird. Rest easy knowing potential customers are being contacted within a minute.


Sales Follow-Up is Hard to Manage

With Hatch’s automated sales follow-up process, you never have to worry about potential sales getting lost in the shuffle. You can set up automated messages to remind customers about the quote for as long as you would like!

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Your customers deserve an amazing experience

Customers want to know what is going on with their project. You can create automated messages to remind customers of upcoming appointments, scheduled installations, and more. You can also text, email, or call to reschedule or let customers know about supply delays. Get ready for those 5-star reviews!

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How Hatch Solves These Painpoints For Your Concrete Coatings Business

Connect App - Multiple HAs
Hatch connects to your CRM, web forms, and lead sources to consolidate every conversation in one place.
Automate Frame (2) (2)
Let automation start the conversation for you. Use one of our pre-built templates or build your own with help from our Customer Success Team.
Talk Frame 2650
Once a customer responds, your team can hop in and continue the conversation on any device, anywhere, any time through text, email, or direct calling.
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Track your ROI down to the cent with built-in reporting. Get insight into every conversation for coaching.
Our appointment set rate from HomeAdvisor and Modernize leads jumped from 5% to 25% with Hatch in just 30 days.
Mark Groveman Marketing Manager, BathFitter of San Diego

Here's How Much Additional Revenue You'll Capture With Hatch Sales Follow-Up

Customers You Don't Sell Per Year


More Deals You Should Close Per Year


Revenue You Can Expect With Hatch Sales Follow-Up
per month

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