Conversation Management

Manage all lead and customer conversations
in one simple to use platform.


Business Text Messaging Best Practices

Did you know that 85% of consumers prefer texting over both email and phone calls? This ebook will help you hone your business texting skills.

Use workspaces to organize conversations.

Using workspaces to manage conversations can streamline communication and improve collaboration. All conversations are organized into columns specific to your sales funnel, making it easy to search for specific information and review past conversations.

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Collaborative inboxes allow team hand-off with ease.

With inboxes, anyone on the team can jump into the conversation at any time.

“We save around 20 hours every week simply by using Hatch. The instant response saves us so much time but Hatch also keeps ongoing conversations organized so we can respond even quicker. I don’t know what we’d do without it.”

"Before COVID, 50% of our business came from canvassing. Now marketing is the backbone of the business. Without Hatch, there is no way we would be hitting our revenue goals."

“Before Hatch, we were trying to get 15 sales per month. This past month, we had 48. We’ve doubled our sales in general. Our whole sales approach has been completely revolutionized by using Hatch.”

Improve your response times.
Grow your revenue.

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