Grow Revenue

Build text message-first strategies to tackle speed-to-lead, sales follow-up, customer loyalty programs, and more – all designed to grow your revenue.


The ultimate guide to lead engagement and sales follow-up.

60+ pages of templates, scripts, and playbooks to optimize your call center sales and customer service teams.


Did you know? You are 900% more likely to get a response if you contact a lead within 5 minutes of them reaching out, and you are 90x more likely to get a response if you start with a text message.

What is Speed-to-Lead? Connect Hatch to your lead sources. The minute a new lead fills out a form, immediately engage them via text, email, and voicemail, and set the appointment before your competition does.



Sales Follow Up

You can close 15% more business with a professional sales follow-up strategy.

Streamline your sales process and close more deals with automated text message first follow-up.

"Before COVID, 50% of our business came from canvassing. Now marketing is the backbone of the business. Without Hatch, there is no way we would be hitting our revenue goals."

“Before Hatch, we were trying to get 15 sales per month. This past month, we had 48. We’ve doubled our sales in general. Our whole sales approach has been completely revolutionized by using Hatch.”

"With Hatch we're able to respond to leads incredibly quickly. The instant response saves us so much time. We love it! We would absolutely love to have every single lead source of ours connected to Hatch."

Improve your reply rates.
Grow your revenue.

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