How ABC Seamless of Nebraska Increased their Appointment Set Rate with Speed to Lead

Hatch + Modernize Case Study

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Our speed-to-lead is now instant and automatic. We beat our competitor to every new lead and set more appointments.
Jesse Barlean Marketing Manager at ABC Seamless of Nebraska

The Problem

Slow And Inconsistent Follow-Up With New Leads

Jesse Barlean, Marketing Manager at ABC Seamless of Nebraska, manages marketing and lead generation for the largest single group of ABC Seamless franchises.

Each week, Jesse and his team receive dozens of leads from Modernize, but with leads being delivered at all hours of the day, many began slipping through the cracks.

Without the bandwidth to respond to every lead instantly, Jesse was leaving money on the table.


The Solution

Connect Hatch to Modernize

Jesse was already using Hatch to automate his sales follow-up and rehash, and Modernize for qualified homeowner leads, so when Hatch rolled out its integration with Modernize, putting the two together was a no-brainer.

Now when new leads come in from Modernize, Hatch automatically sends a series of texts, emails, and voicemails until they respond.

When a lead replies, their appointment setter receives an alert and can jump into the conversation to answer questions and set the appointment. It’s that easy.


The Results

$50k Per Month In Additional Sales

By messaging new Modernize leads in a matter of seconds, they're getting a 43% response rate and are saving 5 hours per week with automated follow-ups.

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We call dibs on all new leads before our competitors can even get to them.
Jesse Barlean Marketing Manager at ABC Seamless of Nebraska

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