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✍ ️From the Founders: The Hatch Story

January 15, 2018

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Chris Bache
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Chris Bache

Bill and I both are sales people who have been a part of large sales organizations for a combined 25 years of experience. We have walked a mile in those shoes.

We know what parts of the job are awesome, BUT we also know what parts of the job flat out suck.

One of the things that absolutely sucks? Cold calling.

Sales teams were never given an easy to use tool to engage with as many customers as they wanted to, all at once. We looked at how others were trying to solve this problem and we came to our own conclusion: every other department gets cool software. Overwhelmingly, sales people got left with crappy refurbished laptops and CRM’s that weren’t built for them.

We heard horror stories over and over “if it’s not in the system, it doesn’t exist!” or “use the CRM, that’s what it’s there for.”

At that very moment, we realized our core mission. We want to create products that empower salespeople to do their jobs. If they get a little closer to loving what they do day in and day out, we win.

What is Hatch? And how we know it works

When we first started our company, we actually started as a service. Our service helped clients contact old leads to have sales conversations. Once we got a hold of those customers, we would try to sell them. Sounds pretty simple right?

We found that without technology, the job wasn’t only hard, it was miserable. Cold calling was in-effective. We spent hours leaving voicemail messages that no one returned. We wound up manually emailing, or using a mass emailer that got caught up in spam filters. We found our CRM couldn’t help us, it was just too complicated for most of our staff.

We ended up patching together a bunch of different softwares to tackle this problem internally. Our systems were far from perfect, BUT they worked.

We spent 90% less time cold calling. Our engagement went from 5% to 53%. We increased revenue for our clients by $75M annually. Most important? Our sales team loved to come to work everyday.


That’s when we knew. THIS was our product. Hatch in a nutshell?  Hatch lets sales teams engage with hundreds of customers at once and keeps text, email, phone and social conversations all in one place.

What stops us from being like every other software?

Our core mission, and these two things:

  1. The learning curve for success on Hatch is about 30 seconds. We built a drag and drop interface so that ALL sales people can use the product the first time they login. We don’t want our customers to have to have an engineering degree in software just to use our app.
  2. We obsess over our onboarding process. Every one of our customers gets a sales coach until they reach their first sale using our platform. We are an open book for sales knowledge. We share the outbound messages that get the best responses and the methods that drive sales with our customers.

If our customers aren’t selling, we aren’t happy.

We have worked hand in hand with sales team across the country during the development of our product. We are so excited to share our product, mission, and company with you.



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