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4 Ways Digital Presentations Transform In-Home Sales

In-home sales have experienced a broad range of challenges in the past year, with precautions due to COVID, supply chain shortages, and never-before-seen demand. As the dust settles and sales leaders take stock of the last year, one thing is clear: in-home sales will never be the same.

Customers have a new list of requirements for hiring a home improvement professional leaving most companies scrambling to meet them. Luckily, something as simple as an update to digital presentations can make all the difference.

1. Create “Wow” Moments That Close More Deals

A digital presentation means you can showcase your brand anywhere, without having to drag along flip-books, paper presentations, and brochures. And the right digital presentation platform can help you create a presentation that will engage customers right out the gate.

Ingage’s platform allows you to include interactive elements like buttons and before/after sliders that truly exhibit all your brand has to offer. You can also easily organize the presentation by sections, including the company story, materials, pricing, and even testimonials. This way, when you send the link to the presentation after the initial consultation, customers can navigate to the information they need directly on their phone or computer.

When you deliver an in-home presentation on an engaging platform, it creates a truly “wow” moment for customers and shows them that you invest in your brand, which leads to more closed deals.

2. Always Have Up-To-Date Information

Nothing is worse than having to update a sales presentation and hoping that your reps will actually use the new version. This leads to confusion on the reps’ end and makes customers second guess giving you their business if the presentation doesn’t accurately represent your offerings. With cloud-based presentation software, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Once a deck is updated, every rep it’s shared with will automatically have that updated version in their account and you don’t have to worry about them deleting the old deck or showing out-of-date material.

This makes it a breeze for manufacturers to update their dealer presentations with the latest information and even allows them to update decks by region so every dealer has the right content. Plus, with the rapid price and inventory changes happening right now, the instant updates via the cloud ensure happy reps and happy customers.Re-Engineer Your Sales Process & Win Deals: Watch Now

3. Develop a More Consistent & Professional Brand

Strong and consistent branding can make all the difference when it comes to in-home sales. When a potential customer sees a well-crafted sales pitch complete with logos and consistent images and text, they feel a rush of confidence in the company. For internal teams, a digital presentation platform makes it easier to create branded templates for every rep to use. With locking permissions, the marketing team can ensure that reps only have access to updating certain pages, meaning every presentation looks consistent and professional.

This type of platform can also encourage more alignment and communication between the sales and marketing teams, which leads to even more sales coming through the funnel.Make Repeats & Referrals a Reliable Revenue Stream

4. Better Training & Higher Retention

Digital presentation platforms are some of the most underutilized resources for training and retention. When you train on the same tool that the sales reps use in their day-to-day, you create a strong base for success. Platforms like Ingage offer features that make the training presentation interactive, so you’ll always have their full attention. Sales leaders also have access to presentation analytics, which displays the usage behaviors of every sales rep with the platform. Using analytics, sales reps can receive better re-training since their leaders can view exactly where the rep is performing best, and where they may need support. By investing in reps this way, it in turn makes them want to invest more in your company.

The right tools can have a huge impact on your business, especially as the world starts to adjust to this new normal. Learn how Ingage can make a difference in your reps by visiting or scheduling a one-on-one demo here.

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