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It's Time to Implement Business Texting Software

If you can believe it, SMS text messaging is 25 years old. Yet, only recently, SMS texting has become essential for business.

Text messaging for your business isn’t an “IF I NEED IT, I will get it" type of thing anymore. The only question now is “WHEN and HOW am I going to use it?”

There was a time, about three years ago, that SMS texting was an additional charge on your phone plan. I remember having to choose an SMS and data coverage plan based on how many text messages I sent.

“Messaging and data rates may apply!” Forget that. Seems old school now.

I honestly think that a few really interesting things have happened to make this old technology new again.

It’s the perfect storm of better and unlimited data plans, smartphone adoption for all ages and demographics, better LTE coverage in cities and rural areas, better quality WI-FI and social media.

Roll it all up and you have 90% of consumers saying:

“I want to text with your business and it’s because I am on my phone all day long!”

From a business perspective, here are three really great reasons why SMS texting is so important.


In other words, texting makes it incredibly easy to respond lightning fast to an incoming lead. Let’s be honest, calling and leaving voicemails, emailing back and forth and abandoned web chat just isn’t going to cut it.

It takes too long, and consumers move on. SMS gives you that instant communication that we all crave and have come to expect.

We’ve noticed that our customers who combine SMS with technology like webhooks to pull in leads from websites like HomeAdvisor are getting back to their customers in seconds - not minutes, hours or days.

According to Hubspot:

  • 95% of Home Service companies don’t respond in under 5 minutes.
  • 77% didn’t respond in an hour.
  • 55% never responded at all.

Now let that sink in. Can’t tell me SMS and speed to lead isn’t critical to growing your business.

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Enable Authentic Conversations

SMS texting as a vehicle really is about a two way conversation between people. Think about your last text message with a friend or loved one. You kept it real, and in fact, you were probably more blunt and authentic than in a voice conversation.

SMS Text encourages that and consumers expect and appreciate that with businesses. It allows you to create real relationships with your customers.

From pre-to-post sales, customers want to tell you how they are thinking about pricing, delivery, and service. SMS text enables them to be authentic and communicate with your company exactly how they communicate with the rest of the world. 

Employees and your Customers Love It

Go ahead. Poll your employees, see if they prefer a text message over an email or a call. Do the same thing with your customers. I promise you, MOST of them will tell you, “JUST TEXT ME!” Make it easy to do work and do business with your company.

Bottom line, when I talk to businesses about their biggest challenges, almost everything revolves around customer communication.

There is no better vehicle to drive that conversation than SMS texting.

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