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Announcing the New Hatch + ServiceTitan Integration

ServiceTitan is the one of the most popular software solutions for contractors, but as such a robust product, there are few apps on the market that can fully integrate with it.

And we're excited to share that Hatch is now one of them!


Now you’ve got the #1 communication platform and the #1 field service platform joining forces to supercharge both your day-to-day efficiency and your customers’ experience. Read on to learn more about why this is so exciting.

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What is ServiceTitan?

Most contractors view ServiceTitan as a CRM (customer relationship management system)—and it is one—but it's more than that.

ServiceTitan is actually categorized as a field service management system (FSM), which is used to streamline all of the processes involved with field service. So in addition to CRM (customer relationship management), it also includes dispatch, booking, scheduling, marketing, reporting, invoicing, financing, and more.

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What is the Hatch and Service Titan integration?

The Hatch + ServiceTitan integration is a full, native, direct integration using the most recent technology. The result? 

  • It's got the speed without the glitches
  • It covers everything without the complications
  • It's easy to set up and maintain without the headaches

That last bullet point is key. Our mission at Hatch is not to help you communicate better with customers. That's what we do, but why we do it is to equip you to get the most out of every investment you make into your business—whether that’s tools, team members, or services, and whether that's into marketing, sales, or customer service—so you can grow. Like actually grow.

The Hatch + ServiceTitan integration helps you to leverage two of the top softwares available for contractors today without extra hassle or headache.

Why integrate ServiceTitan with Hatch?

The reason for any integration always comes down to efficiency.  When you can get more done with fewer resources (time, money, energy) you win because you maximize the ROI on both products, and your customers win because they experience top quality service and not-stressed-out employees (and then you get the final win because, well, retention).

For ServiceTitan and Hatch in particular, think of ServiceTitan as the golden ticket of efficiency for all of the behind-the-scene work, and think of Hatch as the same but for all of your customer-facing communication.


Hatch consolidates all of your text, email, and phone correspondence into individual contact cards, which you can organize into shared, column-style workspaces according to your pipeline.

With these two platforms sharing data, you no longer have to switch back and forth between them to get the full picture on any given project, contact, or campaign. Having it all in one place not only takes your efficiency to the next level but also makes for more accurate and consistent data—which means:

  • Super-personalized communication
  • Higher response rates
  • More performance enhancement
  • A better customer experience

All of which translates to higher ROI, higher retention, and higher revenue.

What makes the Hatch + ServiceTitan integration so great?

The reason we're so excited about this integration (and why you should be too) is that because ServiceTitan is such a comprehensive software, there are not many apps that are truly integrated with it—and as a result, the functionality and its benefits are limited. Not so with Hatch! Here are the key advantages of the Hatch and ServiceTitan integration:

15-minute data syncs

Key benefits: Keep up with customer activity; more reliable audiences and reporting

Many apps sync with ServiceTitan but only once a day. So even if you have workflows set to trigger by a contact’s activity, that activity won’t get detected until the next data sync, which could be the next day. Hatch’s integration with ServiceTitan syncs every 15 minutes, ensuring that your Hatch automation is closely tied to contact activity throughout the day.

hatch app workflow summary

With real-time syncing, you can create hyper-specific workflows in Hatch based on all of the engagement activity you see in ServiceTitan.


Key benefits: Less time, more control, more convenience

Because it is so complex, apps can't usually integrate with ServiceTitan without manual backend finagling or a third-party tool like Zapier. Customers then have to rely on developers for setup and maintenance, which is not only not convenient, but also, have you tried conversing with a developer on something techy? There needs to be an app out there that translates what they say into layperson speak.

Because Hatch is full integrated with Service Titan, you can set up the connection right in the easy-to-use Hatch app without any extra hassle. We provide the full instructions but of course we can set it up with you if you prefer. You can also pause, activate, remove, or adjust the settings for the integration at any time in accordance with your business goals and status.

Organized data sets

Key benefits: Better organize, visualize, and leverage your data; more personalized campaigns

Another side effect of ServiceTitan’s "titan-ness" is that with so many data fields, they don’t always match up, making it hard for a customer to know exactly what data they want or need synced.

With the Hatch-Service Titan integration, data is organized into standardized sets so you can create the right setup for your business goals at any point in time. These sets include but are not limited to:

  • Jobs
  • Estimates
  • Appointments
  • Membership
  • Business Units
  • Campaigns
  • Customers
  • Locations

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Outbound communication syncing

Key benefits: Truly customer-centric experience

The Hatch and ServiceTitan integration is bidirectional, meaning that in addition to Service Titan passing its data to Hatch (inbound syncing), Hatch also passes data back to ServiceTitan (outbound syncing).

What data does Hatch pass back to ServiceTitan? All of your communication and campaign activity. So Hatch makes it easy by putting all of that into one view for you, and now it's even easier because you can view that view right within ServiceTitan. Having one source of truth for all of your contacts within your CRM is important for ensuring your sales and marketing efforts are truly catered to the customer.

hatch audience builder- field picker

Industry-leading technology

Key benefits: Better performance and support

The Hatch + ServiceTitan integration is a full, native, direct integration built using Elixir programming language and ServiceTitan's V2 APIs. Translation? It's:

  • Super fast
  • Can handle large amounts of data
  • Experiences fewer glitches
  • Provides visibility into performance for troubleshooting
  • Can be scaled up or back
  • Is easy for you to set up, edit, and control

Get more out of Hatch and ServiceTitan

As we mentioned, Hatch is one of the few apps on the market that integrates fully and easily with ServiceTitan. This integration equips home improvement and home service businesses to truly streamline both their internal and external tasks so they can hit their goals faster, maximize their ROI, and ultimately grow revenue. 

If you're interested in leveraging these two platforms together, check out our Hatch overview page and our ServiceTitan integration page


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