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16 Holiday Sales Messaging Templates for Contractors

During the holidays, when homeowners have their priorities elsewhere, it can be hard for any businesses to keep a steady stream of business—and contractors are no exception. 

But with the right messaging at the right time, you can actually engage contacts and keep your pipeline strong during the holiday season.

This post has 16 templates and examples you can use during
the holiday season to:

  • Generate new contacts
  • Nurture existing ones
  • Re-engage dormant ones
  • Delight the loyal ones

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Who should you reach out to over the holidays?

EVERYONE! You should be exploring every opportunity for appointments, sales, upsells, and referrals.

This includes:

  • Old/cold leads that cancelled, didn’t schedule, or fell through the cracks.
  • Quoted prospects that didn’t close or went MIA. 
  • Past customers that have gone dormant.

holiday sales email templates for contractors - template for no appointment leads

Why reach out over the holidays?

Did you know that 62% of leads that don’t buy from you immediately will buy from you within 12 months? The contacts in your CRM are a gold mine if you know how to work them right.

By reaching out over the holidays, you can:

  • Generate leads to fill your pipeline in the new year.
  • Close sales to finish the year strong.
  • Be top of mind when January arrives.
  • Prevent opportunities from slipping through the cracks.

holiday sales email templates for contractors - template for canceled prospects

3 tips for successful holiday contractor sales outreach 

To get the best results with these templates, remember these three things:

1. One message isn't enough

Remember that a one-message follow up is NOT effective follow up. You should be sending a minimum of three messages, using a minimum of two channels (text and email).

Use the templates to craft a series of messages. You can mix and match, switch things up and condense them down. You can also use our regular (non-holiday) HVAC sales follow-up templates to get ideas for subsequent messages, and then adapt them to your holiday messaging.


2. One channel isn't, either

You’ll have the best chances of getting a response from a homeowner if you reach out to them over multiple channels. Use these templates for emails, texts, and even voicemails. 


3. Go for the response, not the sale

Don’t go for the sale. If you do, you’ll end up either with too much text in one message, or sounding desperate. Instead, focus on just getting a response from the homeowner. Keep your message short and end with a question or invitation to respond back.

holiday sales messaging templates for contractors - long vs short email


how to automate your sales follow up

Holiday email & text  templates for contractors

Use these templates in emails, texts, and voicemails to create opportunities for this season and the year to come. If you need ideas on offer to promote, check out our holiday marketing ideas here.

Holiday sales outreach templates for quoted prospects

  • This is [Name] with [Company]. Just thought I’d reach out before the holiday rush to see how things are progressing with your project. Do you have a few minutes today to talk?

  • [Name] here with [Company], following up on the recent consultation we had. Would love to get your project started before the holiday rush. When is a good time I can give you a call to get the ball rolling?

  • It’s [Name] at [Company]. Typically, people don’t move forward because of price, lack of information, or product. We have some holiday specials running right now that might solve for those. Let me know if you’d like to talk.

  • It’s [Name] at [Company]. I’m reaching out to see if your project is still on the table. Do you want to try and get the ball rolling before the holidays, or should I touch base in a few months?

  • It’s [Name] at [Company]. Are you looking to get this project done soon, or should I touch base after the holidays? Feel free to use me as a resource if anything comes up.

holiday hvac marketing templates - follow up text to quote

Holiday sales outreach templates for canceled prospects

Use these follow-up messaging templates to re-engage leads who canceled on you.

  • This is [Name] with [Company]. I see you recently canceled an appointment with us, and I'd love to get you rescheduled before the holiday mayhem. Let me know what day and time works?

  • This is [Name] with [Company]. You recently canceled an appointment with us—hey, life happens! If your project is still on the table, though, I would love to get the ball rolling. We have some holiday specials coming up that can save you some money. Let me know when would be a good time to discuss.

  • Hey [Name], this is [Name] again with [Company]. Did you get my text?  Would love to reschedule your consultation and get started before the holidays take over. Can you tell me a bit more about what you were looking to get done?
  • [Name] here with [Company]. Are you still looking to complete your project? Let me know what I can do to help you get started before the holidays get in the way.
  • With winter fast approaching, I just want to make sure that we reschedule you before the holidays take over. Do you have time to talk on the phone today?

  • I’ve been trying to reach you to reschedule your appointment with [company] and thought I might give you one last try before the holidays. Please let me know if there’s a day or time that works for you. If you’re no longer interested, just let me know. Thank you!

    holiday hvac marketing templates - follow up text to canceled appointment

Holiday sales message templates for no appointment leads

Having trouble getting a lead to book an estimate? Try reaching out with this messaging.

  • Hi [Name], this is [Name] with [Company]. I see that you haven’t scheduled your appointment yet, but I would love to get you on our calendar before winter sneaks in—you know how the holidays get! Do you have some time today to discuss?

  • This is [Name] with [Company].We never got around to scheduling a consultation for you, but I would love to get you in the books. We have some holiday specials that would reduce your quote. Let me know if you have some time to discuss!

  • Hi [Name], this is [Name] with [Company] again. If you’re still looking to get some work done, I’d be glad to help you get started. We book up fast at the start of the year, so now is the time to do it. Do you have time today to discuss?

  • This is [Name] with [Company]. I see you haven’t gotten an estimate yet. I wanted to let you know that we book up fast after the holidays, so now is an opportune time to get started.  If you have a few minutes today, I’d be happy to have a conversation with you to get the ball rolling.

  • [Name] with [Company] again. Have you decided to hold off on your project? If so, I can reach out after the holiday season to see where you’re at. Just let me know!

holiday hvac marketing templates - follow up text for leads

Start using these holiday text & email templates now!

Business may slow down a bit over the holidays, but it does not have to come to a halt. Use these contractor holiday messaging templates to reach out to leads, prospects, and customers, and you'll be giving yourself the gift of more revenue in no time.  

how to automate your sales follow up

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