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47 HVAC Holiday Marketing Ideas & Examples

Just because business slows during the holidays does not mean your marketing should. In fact, one could argue that your efforts are most important during this time, since it can drum up business that you need and also keep your business top of mind for the new year. 


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Read on for over 47 HVAC holiday marketing ideas you can use in your emails, social media, website, and other assets to keep your pipeline going all season long. 

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HVAC holiday marketing ideas & examples

Use these HVAC holiday marketing ideas to generate new leads, engage existing prospects, strengthen customer loyalty, and more. 

0% APR for 12 months

One way to get customers in the door is to offer something for the year to come. For example, 0% APR for 12 months. You could add urgency by saying the offer is only good if you sign on before end of year.

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Pre-holiday tune-up special

Encourage your customers to get their ducks (or should I say ducts...I couldn't resist. Not sorry) in a row before the holiday mayhem its. Offer a pre-holiday tune-up special and center your messaging around obtaining peace of mind ahead of time. 

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Add holiday graphics to your website

Whether you're running a holiday special or not, add graphics to your website—gift boxes, ribbons, snowflakes, you know deal. Not only does this show that you're an active business, but it can actually make your offers that much more appealing, even if they're regular price!

hvac holiday marketing ideas - holiday icons on website

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Free gift with purchase

Another marketing idea is to add HVAC-related gifts to your offerings, like a Wi-fi enabled smart thermostat, ceiling fan, cooling mattress pad, or even a new HVAC system. People love free gifts and new gadgets so this makes for excellent incentive to buy.

hvac holiday marketing ideas - wifi thermostat with new furnace

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Prepare your home for guests

Offer to help homeowners get their homes holiday-ready with a repair, installation, or tune-up. Sweeten the pot with a discount, or generate demand with messaging around making sure their homes are the perfect place to be during the winter and holiday season.

hvac holiday marketing ideas - prepare your air for guests

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Free heating tune-up

Offer up a free heating tune-up for a limited time or select number of customers. Or offer another service free of charge with a larger purchase.

hvac holiday marketing ideas - free heating tune-up

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Year-end closeout

People love the idea of "out with the old, in with the new." Try a year-end close out to give people one last chance to get a great deal.

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Cold weather on its way

This is a great tactic for shoulder season. Keep reminding your customers that winter is on its way. You can stay positive with a "beat the freeze!" approach or get a little ominous with messaging around making sure you're not caught with heating or furnace issues in the thick of winter...or worse off, when you have guests!

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Gift card with new system installation or tune-up

There's something about a $500 gift card that is more appealing to consumers than simply taking $500 off a product or service. With the discount, the money never leaves their account. But with the gift card, they get the satisfaction of receiving something. It's like finding money in the couch!

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Here's another example:

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Donation with purchase

You can use the giving theme of the holidays as a time to give back to your customers, or to give back to your community. Offer to donate a certain amount or percentage of your proceeds to a local or holiday charity. People like knowing that they're supporting a worthy cause.

hvac holiday marketing ideas - donation with purchase

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Free furnace or tune-up with new system

A new system is a big investment. In the spirit of giving, waive the fee for a cost within that purchase, like the cost of a furnace, or future tune-up, or even installation fees.

holiday hvac marketing ideas - free furnace

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Giveaway for someone in need

Similar to donating to a charity, you could also offer up a free system or service to a family in need within your community.

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Spread the word on social

Whatever you're promoting over the holidays, create graphics to use on social media and spread the word. Free tools like Canva make it super easy with templates and even AI capabilities.

hvac holiday marketing ideas - gift of cooling

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HVAC holiday offer ideas

Here are some ideas and templates you can use to craft up your holiday specials.

  • Heating system efficiency and safety checkup
  • $X off a new system
  • $X off any repair
  • $X tune-up special
  • $X heat pump rebate
  • $X value for $X
  • X% off with new maintenance agreement
  • Free estimate on new equipment!
  • X% off your next service repair
  • $X off furnace installation
  • X% off labor and parts

Creative holiday HVAC copywriting ideas

And here are some holiday-themed ways to promote them!

  • Stay warm during the winter chill with [offer]
  • The big chill is coming!
  • Tune up for a warm and cozy winter
  • No glee without heat!
  • Tis the season to be (not!) be freezin’
  • Thanks for your trust for over X years
  • When you call, ask about X!
  • Warmest holiday wishes from your favorite HVAC Service Professional
  • Relax and save this holiday season!
  • Last chance for your best deal this year!
  • Let us help you relax this holiday season with a smooth running heating system. Call today to schedule a service, tune-up, or repair.
  • Stay comfortable this holiday season with [Company Name].
  • It’s holiday tune-up time!
  • Stay warm and cozy this holiday season
  • Avoid holiday heating mishaps this season
  • Save money and stay comfortable this holiday season.
  • Have a cozy holiday season with these hot savings.
  • As a token of our appreciation for your business and trust in our team, please accept our gift offer below!
  • Here’s to a season filled with warmth, comfort, and good cheer! Should the new year bring you a change of address, let us know so we can stay connected.
  • Don’t forget, it’s time for your furnace tune-up!
  • Thank you for being a [company] Service Club Member. We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!
  • In 2024, look for the new benefits we’ll be offering as a part of your membership!!

Market your HVAC business this holiday season

You've got no excuses now! The holidays provide ample opportunity to market your HVAC business. Use the ideas, examples, and templates in this post to engage contacts across your funnel. 


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