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How to get 269% Higher ROI on Angi Leads

Hailey Hodge is the Client Services Team Lead for CMC Service Experts. They have been in business for 17 years, offering electrical services and home generators. They recently expanded their services to include HVAC and residential developer services. 

The Problem

Being an established, respected company, CMC Service Experts was bringing in leads from a multitude of sources. While this was great, it was also making it difficult to keep up. Hailey explained, “We get leads from a lot of different sources. I mean, A LOT. Keeping up with everything was really hard. Our leads coordinator was really overwhelmed.“ It was taking a lot of time to respond to inquiries and some were even getting missed. For example, over the previous quarter, the amount of money spent on driving leads from Angi was actually more than what CMC Service Experts saw in revenue from those leads, leading to an ROI of -0.31%. With the online leads coordinator stressed out and frustrated, the issue was brought up to management. 

The Solution

Hailey’s team went on a hunt for something to make it easier to respond to leads quickly. Hatch had what they were looking for. CMC Service Experts had been using Angi for some time, but without automated response time, they were not seeing its full potential. By implementing Hatch, they were able to follow up on those leads instantly. “With Hatch we’re able to respond to leads incredibly quickly. The instant response saves us so much time. We love it!” Haily said. 

Within two months, the ROI for Angi leads went from -0.31% to 268.72%. She also loves how organized they are now in managing their leads. They’ve expanded their usage and recently integrated Hatch with their website leads as well. “We would absolutely love to have every single lead source of ours connected to Hatch. It helps immensely,” she explained. 

The Results

Today, Hatch has helped CMC Service Experts increase their revenue in the first half of 2022 from Angi leads by $99,004.77 over what they saw the entire previous year. Beyond the financial boost, Hailey reports that countless hours have been saved. “We save around 20 hours every week simply by using Hatch. The instant response saves us so much time but Hatch also keeps ongoing conversations organized so we can respond even quicker. I don’t know what we’d do without it.”

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