19 Practical Ways to use Chat GPT for Your Business

In case you didn't notice, it's raining ChatGPT and every industry is being swept up in the floodwaters of generative AI. 

Hey ChatGPT, generate a poetic opening sentence for me about generative AI.

...just kidding.

ChatGPT took 5 days to reach one million usersChatGPT took five days to reach one million users according to Statista.

That includes the home improvement industry, and if you don't start getting familiar with the tools available to you now, you're going to be left in the dust.

In this post, I'm going to share 19 practical ways you can use ChatGPT now for your home improvement business marketing, operations, and customer communication so you can stay on top of the AI game. This includes:

  • How contractors CAN use ChatGPT 
  • How contractors SHOULD NOT use ChatGPT
  • Real prompt examples you can try out 

Table of contents

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a free artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that provides information to you through dialogue. So whereas you type in a query and get results pages in Google, you type in a query and get human-sounding answers in ChatGPT. You can then ask follow-up questions without providing additional context.

example of a chatgpt conversation

Is ChatGPT automation?

ChatGPT is a form of AI, yes.

AI is often combined with automation today, yes. 

And ChatGPT can be integrated with other platforms that do automation.

But ChatGPT in itself is not exactly automation.

Automation is when you can get a computer to carry tasks for you automatically, based on rules you set. (Like—excuse the flex here—how Hatch automates your outreach to leads, prospects, and customers).

ChatGPT still requires prompts and finessing and a lot of manual work.

But industry leaders are finding ways to combine ChatGPT with automation so we can input data into our existing automation technologies using natural language rather than formatted spreadsheets or setting specific rules and conditions.

How to get started with ChatGPT 

To get started with ChatGPT, go to https://www.openai.com/ to create a free OpenAI account.

Type in the prompts and get going.

Note that unless you click “new chat” in the upper left, it will group all your prompts for that session into one chat. So if you want to view your prompt history or separate them out, click new chat when you’re shifting subjects.

chatgpt conversation history example

General tips & best practices for using ChatGPT for contractors and improvement businesses

Before we get into specific tips and strategies for HVAC, roofing, and other contracting businesses, let's review some base rules:

1. Be specific with your prompts

You know how Google can cater results to you based on where you live, your search history, and other assumptions it has made about you based on your online activity?

Well, ChatGPT doesn’t do that. It will answer a prompt the same whether you’re a local driveway paver or a college student writing a paper. To get the most out of ChatGPT, be specific in your requests. Add specifics like:

  • For a homeowner/from a homeowner’s perspective
  • For a millennial homeowner
  • In x words or less
  • To go into a social media post
  • With a focus on X
  • In X tone

2. Always use it as a base

This probably goes without saying, but just in case: Never use exactly what ChatGPT generates. Always adjust it to your knowledge, tone of voice, and particular audience.

3. Remember its purpose

ChatGPT is what’s called “large language model technology,” meaning it has collected massive amounts of text across the internet for the purpose of learning language. That is, not learning facts. 

The tool itself says it:

  • May occasionally generate incorrect information
  • May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content
  • Limited knowledge of world and events after 2021

how to use chatgpt for home improvement - examples, capabilities, limitations of chatGPT

How NOT to use ChatGPT for home improvement businesses

ChatGPT is still a very new tool, evolving in its capabilities and integrations. Given its current limitations, here is how we do NOT recommend using ChatGPT as a contractor or home improvement business.

4. Don’t use ChatGPT for research

Just to reiterate that last best practice—ChatGPT should not be used for fact checking or research. It is best used for generative purposes—to come up with ideas and starting points for content. So if you're looking to gather stats, the most recent information on something, or to learn about a current event, you're better off using Google to find reputable resources.

how not to use chatgpt for home services - prompt asking about current pricing

5. Do not use it for leads and prospects

It’s one thing to ask ChatGPT to adjust the tone or angle on something, but another thing to ask it to come up with what to say. We’ll get to this in more depth later, but there is a time and a place to use content created by generative AI– and there is a time and a place not to use it.

In particular, when there is a need for personalized and/or real-time conversation, such as for:

  • New lead outreach
  • Sales follow-up
  • Rehash/reengaging cold or old leads

ChatGPT's responses are generic and laden with empty phrases like  “valued customer” that will make you sound inauthentic and, well, robotic.

In the below example, I asked ChatGPT to write a text following up with a customer on an estimate for solar panels. As you can see, it reads like an email. A really long email, and it's filled with empty adjectives and generic terms that make me want to gag ("touch base," "genuinely believe," for example).

how to use chatgpt for home improvement businesses - example of how not to use it for follow up

We have plenty of human-written, conversational yet professional follow-up tips and templates for you to use:


ChatGTP may not be great for leads and prospects, but Hatch Assistant is. Try Hatch AI now!

Or download our free guide!

New call-to-action

6. Do not use it for sensitive customer communication

On a similar note, do not ask ChatGPT to come up with text or email copy for communications like requesting customers for reviews, responding to complaints, or even just checking in on them. Once again, you'll get long-winded, nauseating copy ("valued customer") that will turn customers off.

You can say goodbye to getting that Google review or winning that upsell.

chatgpt example asking for a review

7. Do not use ChatGPT for checklists or instructions

You are the expert in your trade. Nothing beats hands-on experience. Don’t rely on ChatGPT to generate checklists or how-tos for you on things that you already know—this could be dangerous!

And for tasks you’re less familiar with, you are better off searching the web for the most recent information and instructions on the topic.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use it to generate a checklist to easily type up and share in a piece of content, but this goes back to using it for content generation, not necessarily information generation if that makes sense.

8. Do not use it for authentic content

If you’re looking to write a thought leadership blog post or your about us page, steer clear of ChatGPT.

Remember, ChatGPT comes up with its responses based on aggregating allllll that’s available already across the web. So it’s great for quickly producing a base for more of the general content you need—not for expressing your brand voice.

Ways to use ChatGPT for home improvement marketing

As a generative AI tool, ChatGPT can be especially helpful for coming up with a starting point for content for your marketing collateral. 

9. Generate website copy

One of the tricky parts of marketing a home service business is being able to describe your products, services, and the value you offer in terms your customers can understand. Use ChatGPT to generate copy for your website that makes sense to them. Here are some prompts to try:

Prompt: Explain the importance of HVAC maintenance in simple terms, in 200 words or less, with a focus on saving money

how to use chatgpt for home improvement businesses - prompt asking to explain HVAC

ChatGPT responded accurately and summed it up quite nicely in the end:

In summary, HVAC maintenance is important because it saves you money by preventing expensive repairs, improving energy efficiency, and extending the lifespan of your system. By investing in regular maintenance, you can keep more money in your pocket and enjoy a reliable and cost-effective HVAC system.

10. Create blog post outlines

Yes, you can ask ChatGPT to write a blog post for you, but my recommendation is to instead have it create an outline for you to fill in.

This is because it will likely take you more time to edit and finesse an entire document than it will to just fill in the sections on your own. Plus, it will make for more authentic content. After all, ChatGPT is pooling together its response based on what’s out there. While this is helpful from an SEO standpoint, it’s not going to be helpful from a brand authenticity standpoint.

Let ChatGPT take care of the outline, and you can then drop expert tips that only you can provide.

Prompt: list out the most popular roofing types for new england, with their pros and cons, to help a customer decide

how to use chatgpt for home improvement businesses - prompt example for blog post outline

With this prompt, GPTChat gave me a list of

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Wood shingles
  • Slate
  • Clay or concrete tiles
  • Synthetic roofing
  • With pros and cons of each.

If this information is accurate to you, you can then come up with a listicle blog post or even use it as a starting point for one of your service pages.

11. Get ad copy ideas

You can use ChatGPT to get ideas for ad copy. Notice how I said get IDEAS. You'll need to finesse the copy so it matches your unique brand voice and doesn't sound generic. This is not going to help you stand out.

Also remember: the more specific the better. Facebook ad copy is wildly different from Google Search ad copy. Specify the platform, the offer, the target audience, and any other details.

For more tips and precautions on using ChatGPT for PPC, check out this post from WordStream on using ChatGPT for PPC.

Prompt: can you generate some headlines and descriptions for a google ad for residential roofing services with a spring promotion

how to use chatgpt for home improvement businesses - ad copy prompt example

For more tips with Facebook Ads, check out our Step-By-Step Guide to Facebook Ads for Small Businesses.

Ways to use ChatGPT for home improvement business operations

Alright, let's get into some practical ways you can use ChatGPT for your contractor business.

12. Map out your route for the day

This tip comes from Fieldproxy.

You can provide the addresses of the customers you’re visiting into ChatGPT and ask it to order them in such a way that you cover the shortest distance. You can even add time constraints and job values. An easy way to do this is to keep this location in a spreadsheet and then just paste it into the Chat.

Prompt: In what order should I visit these addresses so I’m covering the shortest distance?

example of using chatgpt to map out your route for hvac

Image source

13. Generate invoices

You can also ask ChatGPT to generate an invoice template for you. 

Prompt: can you generate an invoice template me for my hvac business

how to use chatgpt for hvac business - example prompt to generate an invoice

It came back with all of the necessary details with a "copy code" option so you can copy and paste.

[Your Company Logo]

[Your Company Name]
[Your Company Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]


Invoice Number: [Invoice Number]
Date: [Invoice Date]
Due Date: [Due Date]

Bill To:
[Client Name]
[Client Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

Itemized Description:
|    Quantity    |    Description    |    Rate    |    Amount    |
|                |                   |            |              |
|                |                   |            |              |
|                |                   |            |              |
|                |                   |            |              |
|                |                   |            |              |
|                |                   |            |              |
|                |                   |            |              |
|                |                   |            |              |
|                |                   |            |              |

Subtotal: [Subtotal Amount]
Tax: [Tax Amount]
Total: [Total Amount]

Payment Information:
Accepted Payment Methods: [List accepted payment methods]
Bank Name: [Your Bank Name]
Account Number: [Your Account Number]
Routing Number: [Your Routing Number]

Notes: [Add any additional notes or terms here]

Thank you for your business!

14. Create service contract agreements

A similar way to use ChatGPT is for service contracts. 

Prompt: can you generate a roofing service contract agreement for me

ChatGPT came back with an agreement that covered all the bases. It also notes:

Certainly! Here's a sample roofing service contract agreement that you can use as a starting point. Remember to review and customize it to fit your specific business and legal requirements. It's always a good idea to consult with a legal professional to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

example of using chatgpt for roofing contract agreement

But one thing it lacks here is the professional, branded design and friendly language. Check out our free HVAC service contract templates to get an idea on how to make them more signature-friendly.

15. Create work order notes

You can also use ChatGPT to come up with a description of the services rendered for your invoice. This idea comes from someone in r/HVAC.

The post reads:

"I saw one of the posts a few months back about it so I figured I’d give it a try. Basically just been using speak text jibberish of what I did and I tell it to format it for an invoice. it creates a beautiful copy and paste paragraph that keeps the office and customer happy. Sometimes I have to reword a thing or to but it saves so much time."

Someone replied also with:

"I've tried it too. Great tool to turn your notes into something readable. I usually ask it to turn my notes into a report. I'll have to try asking for an invoice and see the difference."

how to use chatgpt for home improvement businesses - reddit post on using it for work order notes

16. Generate job descriptions for hiring new technicians and representatives

Take a look at our post on how to write the perfect sales representative job description, and then supplement your efforts with ChatGPT!

Prompt: can you generate a job description for me for a sales representative for a call center for a plumbing company in ann arbor michigan

how to use chatgpt for home improvement - sales rep job description prompt

17. Get answers from user manuals

Technicians consult appliance manuals for parts and troubleshooting instructions all the time. On a desktop, you can scroll through pretty quickly or use the find feature (command F or control F) to get to where you need to be. But on the job on a mobile phone, it’s not so easy.

According to Jeremy Begley, Founding Shareholder at HVAC Design Partners, as well as the aforementioned Fieldproxy post, you can throw the link into ChatGPT and ask it to help you find what you’re looking for.

linkedin thread on example heat pump conversation with chatGPT

How to use ChatGPT for customer communication

Ah, customer communication—our favorite topic! 

18. Help customers troubleshoot

This idea comes from the HVAC Talk Forum—which is on our list of the best HVAC blogs and forums.

There may be some instances when your customers are having issues but you can’t get a technician out to them right away. Try using ChatGPT to help them troubleshoot.

The idea here is for ChatGPT to generate the content for you that you would have typed out yourself, saving you time. If it suggests steps that you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with, do not suggest them!

 a member input the following prompt:

Prompt: Suddenly my furnace is not heating but I hear the blower is on. What troubleshooting can I do?

ChatGPT provides some solid basic instructions: Check the thermostat, check the air filter, verify the power supply, inspect the gas supply, and look for error codes.

chatgpt prompt example for electrician troubleshooting

Here's another example:

Prompt: My stove burner only works on high, regardless of what setting i put it on. What can i do?

ChatGPT responded with:

If your stove burner only works on high, regardless of the setting you choose, there could be an issue with the burner control or the temperature setting mechanism. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

And then it proceeded with recommending I clean the burner, check for loose connections, inspect the control switch, test with another burner.

how to use chatgpt for home improvement businesses - troubleshooting prompt example

19. Generate texts and emails

Do not forget my tip above! ChatGPT is not for personalized conversation but can be helpful for more logistical communication like appointment confirmations. 

For example:

Prompt: can you generate a short appointment confirmation text for a solar panel estimate for friday june 16 at 12pm EST

how to use chatgpt for home improvement businesses - appointment confirmation text prompt

ChatGPT came up with this:

Dear [Customer's Name],

Thank you for scheduling a solar panel estimate with [Your Company Name]. This message is to confirm your appointment on Friday, June 16th, at 12pm EST. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing the potential for solar energy solutions. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. See you soon!

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Company Name]

This is pretty good. But note that this is better suited for an email. Your text should be shorter.

For more text-specific tips and templates, head to our post on the Best Texts for Home Remodeling Sales.

Remember, authenticity and personalization are key

Just to reiterate, here’s where we would not use ChatGPT in customer communication:

  • Responding to a bad review or customer complaint
  • Asking for reviews
  • Engaging leads
  • Following up on quotes
  • Performing rehash or reengaging cold leads
These types of communications require true personalization and genuine interaction. The responses you’ll get from ChatGPT are far too generic, long-winded, and full of fluff words and empty adjectives. So stick with speaking from your own brain.

how to use chatgpt for home improvement businesses - example of using it to request a review

Here are some resources to help you with this type of communication:

Recap: How (and how not) to use ChatGPT

AI is no longer something in the future. It is here now and businesses that don’t start familiarizing with it will get left behind by competitors (and the bots themselves). Start your AI journey with these practical strategies!

Here's a recap on how (and how not) to use ChatGPT for your home improvement business marketing, operations, and customer communication:

  1. Be specific with your prompts
  2. Always use it as a base
  3. Remember its purpose
  4. Do not use it for research
  5. Do not use it to communicate with leads and prospects
  6. Do not use it for sensitive customer communication
  7. Do not use it for authentic content
  8. Do not use it for checklists or instructions
  9. Use it to generate website copy
  10. Create blog post outlines
  11. Write ad copy
  12. Map out your route for the day
  13. Generate invoices
  14. Create service agreements
  15. Create work order notes
  16. Generate job descriptions
  17. Get answers from user manuals
  18. Help customers troubleshoot
  19. Generate texts and emails

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