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Virtual Appointments Made Easy


COVID-19 has changed the way that our customers interact with homeowners.

The biggest shift we've seen in home improvement has been the move to virtual appointments - in our Hatch platform, we're seeing 500+ virtual appointments being set a WEEK versus zero virtual appointments pre-COVID-19.

So, we decided to add a really simple and easy-to-use integration to help you start booking virtual appointments today from Hatch with our partner WhereBy.  

Create a WhereBy Account

To start, create a free account on WhereBy. It's super easy, and at most should take you about 5 minutes to set-up. 

WhereBy allows you to have up to 4 participants in a single room. As a team, you'll want to decide if your team wants to use one room for your company, or if you will set up multiple rooms for your users and sales reps. 

Be sure to name the room something branded and easy, so the URL is easy to remember and access. 

Here's an example of messaging via text around virtual appointments and your WhereBy link. 


Input your URL in Settings 

Log in to your Hatch board and access User Settings. Input your WhereBy URL and click save.

Now, you can easily access your URL during conversations with customers or prospects with the click of a button. Try dropping it into a conversation with a prospect who has reservations about an in-person meeting. 


More Than Just Appointments

The addition of virtual meeting links gives your home improvement company another method of connecting with customers. With the addition of WhereBy (or any other virtual meeting tool), you've created another method for homeowners to interact with you. 

Virtual appointments are a trend we see continuing even after COVID-19 regulations are relaxed. Not only is it much easier to connect with homeowners who are typically apart during the day, but it also creates yet another avenue to connect with prospects. 


Interested in seeing how else Hatch can help with your customer experience?

Request a demo to see how virtual appointments are helping businesses like G. Fedale Roofing continue to move business forward and work on their customer experience despite COVID-19. 

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