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How to Build a Persuasive Website That Converts Visitors to Leads [Podcast]

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"Your website can be your best salesperson."

This is the line that drives Hook Agency's passion for creating good websites for contractors and remodeling businesses.

And it's true - more often than not, your website is the first time a homeowner encounters your business.

Converting traffic to leads isn't rocket science, but it DOES require a blueprint.

Today, Matt chats with Tim Brown, Founder of Hook Agency, a Minnesota-based digital marketing agency that specializes in building persuasive websites.

In this episode, Matt and Tim discuss:

🔍 The importance of transparency in your business and messaging.

🔑 The three keys to a persuasive website - Design, Content, and Video.

🗺 What type of layout performs best in converting leads.

📝 How to build content/messaging that actually resonates.

🎥 The art of creating a high-performing video for your home page.


Links to things discussed in the episode:

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