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How to Hire (or Become) a Home Improvement Sales Manager [Podcast]

Great sales reps don't always make great sales managers, but there are tell-tale signs that you could have the next superstar already on your team.

In this episode of #BuiltBy, I had a chance to chat with Collin Beck, sales manager @ Express Flooring.

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Collin started his career as an on-call plumber before moving up the ranks to become a leader at one of the top-performing flooring companies in the country.

In this episode, Collin and I discuss:

– The early-on experiences that shaped Collin's trajectory to sales manager.

– How to develop the leadership mentality that is crucial to success in this role.

– Are great sales managers born or can they be trained?

– Collin's preferred sales methodology, and how he preaches it to his team.

– The qualities that make great sales reps, and how Collin structured his high-performing team.

– What Collin is doing to take advantage of the hot market (and how he's preparing for the future).


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