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10 Ways to Re-Engage Leads With Text / SMS Campaigns

In the home improvement industry, a steady flow of leads is critical to a successful business.

Unfortunately, these leads, especially those that convert to customers, can be costly to get — from advertising fees to the time and effort you put in to secure each one.

That puts a high value on each lead and makes it essential to follow up on every opportunity.

But how can you make the most of your time while effectively reconnecting with potential customers?

While there are many unique ways to reach out to leads that have gone silent, we've found that text or SMS campaigns are - without a doubt - the most efficient and successful.

Around 77% of consumers use texting services more than other messaging options, making it the primary choice for most users.

We’ve already highlighted several reasons texting can keep clients engaged through a home improvement project, but it can also help you communicate with potential customers that have stopped responding.

The following are ten distinct situations where a quick text or SMS message can help you re-engage a lead that is going cold.

Here are 10 scenarios we recommend you use texting to follow-up with leads:

1. Re-engage an Elusive Lead

I know you’re familiar with those elusive leads that pop up on your radar to ask a quick question, then go silent once you respond.

A quick text message may be all it takes to reconnect with this potential client and get them interested in the value your services provide.

“Hello [Customer Name]. I just wanted to see if there are any more questions I can answer? I’d like to talk about how we can assist with your project. Would [Time] [Day] work for a quick call?”

2. Get a Second Chance with an Unsatisfied Lead

Even when putting your best foot forward with a potential customer, sometimes the initial conversation just doesn’t work out.

However, that doesn’t have to be the end of the conversation. A text can send the message that you’re ready to try again and better understand their needs.

“Hi [Customer Name]. I know our discussion didn’t end the way we wanted, but I still believe there’s value that [Business Name] can bring to your [Home Improvement Project]. Would you be up for another call?”

3. Follow Up With A Lead Who Ghosted you After A Pricing Discussion

You made it all the way to the pricing discussion, and you thought you had all but signed the contract. Then time passes with no communication from the customer at all.

A follow-up message can either get the sale back on track or identify and resolve any objections they may have.

“Hello [Customer Name]. I wanted to check in and see if I could clarify anything on the quote I provided for your [Home Improvement Project]. What questions can I answer about the plan or scope?”

4. Continue a Discussion That Was Put on Hold

Sometimes home improvement projects have to be put on hold for reasons that have nothing to do with the project itself.

In those cases, you want to give customers the time that they need, but you don’t want to wait too long to re-engage and get the project back on track.

“Hi [Customer Name]. I hope you are doing well. I was wondering if you’d thought any more about your [Home Improvement Project]. I’d like to set up a call — what would be a good time?”

5. Re-Secure a Canceling Lead

If your lead is talking about canceling their home improvement project, that doesn’t mean you've completely lost the opportunity.

This is the perfect chance to use texting to keep the discussion going and find out how a change in the plan may better accommodate the client’s needs.

“Hello [Customer Name]. I understand you might be canceling your project. I’d like to talk about it more and see if [Company] can still help with your [Home Improvement Project]. Is [Day] at [Time] good for a call?”

6. Reschedule a Canceled Appointment

There are several reasons that a client may cancel an appointment, and it doesn’t have to end the opportunity for your home improvement business.

Reaching out via messaging can help to clarify the situation and increase the chance to keep the project moving.

“Hello [Customer Name]. I’m sorry that your appointment on [Day] at [Time] didn’t work out. Our team is ready to get started on your project; when can we reschedule to begin work?”

7. Engage a Competitor’s Customer

Although you never want to hear that a potential client has gone with a competitor, it's going to happen occasionally.

A short text message can open the door to understanding why the customer made that decision and create an opportunity for future business.

“Hello [Customer Name]. I’m sorry that your appointment on [Day] at [Time] didn’t work out. Our team is ready to get started on your project; when can we reschedule to begin work?”

8. Encourage an Upsell

When you've successfully gotten a lead for a project, it can be tempting to focus only on the details of your contract.

If you do, however, you may miss out on opportunities to bring additional services to that client.

"Hi [Customer Name]. We are looking forward to working on your [Home Improvement Project] on [Date]. I also wanted to let you know about some of the other services we offer that I think would be a fit. We can also [Service] and [Service]."

9. Recover a Late Payment

Everyone in business deals with late payments at some point. It can be an awkward conversion to have with a client, but sometimes you can clear up a simple misunderstanding that is causing the delay.

Use an SMS campaign to follow up and better your chances of recovering the payment.

"Hi [Customer Name]. Our team is excited to begin your project on [Date], but before we can get started, we need to confirm the first payment. Do you have any questions about the initial charge or payment methods we accept?"

10. Re-Engage a Silent Lead

Sometimes leads don't respond at all, but their silence isn't a reason to give up on the potential sale.

The client may just need more time or information to decide, and a text from you may be the encouragement they need to move forward.

"Hello [Customer Name]. I know you've been thinking about [Home Improvement Project] and was wondering if we could help. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about this project."


Text or SMS campaigns can be a simple yet effective way to re-engage leads that may otherwise be lost to your home improvement business.

At Hatch, we want to help you grow your revenue with meaningful conversations.

Ready to use texting to build your customer base? Let's chat.

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