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3 Reasons Why Roofers Need to Make Texting a Priority

​​If you’ve ever thought that the secret to becoming more productive with your roofing business is spending less time on your phone, we have some surprising news: keep texting.

In fact, text messages are a total game-changer for your roofing business, allowing you to connect with your ideal customers and generate more sales with unrivaled efficiency. 

Want to know how? Here’s why all roofers need to make texting a priority for their business, starting today.


1. Home Improvement Selling Has Changed

Home improvement product sales have been moving online for years, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated this shift. Amazon even reported a 32% increase in profit during the pandemic, as shoppers have been left with no choice but to go digital rather than visit stores in person. 

Customers have adapted to using Amazon to quickly and easily order anything they need, making this convenience no longer just “nice to have,” but something modern customers expect – even for roofing and other home improvement services. 

Millennials now make up the largest group of home buyers at 37%. Most of the homes they’re buying were built in the 1980s or earlier, making them at least 40-50 years old and at the age when most homes typically need major improvements. That means all those new homeowners are in the market for some major home improvements, right now. 

So, with that ideal roofing customer identified, how do you reach them? The answer is texting. Millennials grew up texting, making it the most effective way for businesses to talk to them. 

While you might not really need facts and figures to tell you that under 40s love to text, it can help to understand its efficiency above other communication.

With sources citing their love of texting as early as 2010, even newer research shows that 72% of Millennials now prefer texting to other methods of communication.

Preferred channels of brand communication chart

Texting is the way for roofers to talk directly to their ideal customers. There’s no greater reason to make texting a priority for a follow-up after your roofing appointment.


2. Customers Are More Likely to Engage Via Text

Not only do Americans love texting, but it’s highly effective in engaging your customer: 98% of texts are opened compared to just 20% of emails, while an impressive 95% of texts are read or responded to within just three minutes of being delivered. 

In short, texting captures a customer’s attention in a way that calls simply can’t, allowing you to successfully convert your leads from aggregators like HomeAdvisor.

Put yourself where your customer’s eyes are: A recent study found that the average US adult spends nearly 5 hours a day on their mobile device. So unlike when they miss a call or are unavailable to talk on the phone, you can be confident that your customer will read your text message.


3. Texting Gives Your Customers a Better experience

Texting is more efficient in every way, and that applies to the customer service you offer for your roofing business, too.

Staying in contact with your roofing customers is crucial to keeping them informed and satisfied, but phone calls to individual customers can take huge amounts of time for project managers.

Calls can be a waste of time, too. More than 80% of consumers won’t accept calls from an unknown number, but 75% of consumers said that they think businesses should contact them via text messages more often. 

Not only is texting more effective, but it is quicker, too, allowing you to speak to a much larger volume of customers simultaneously, saving time and creating a great customer experience with far more customers.


Ready to step up your texting game?

If you haven’t already made texting a priority for your roofing business, now is the time.

Simply put, it’s proven to convert more leads because you can reach your ideal customers with the most efficient method of communication.

More roofing customers are only a text away - harness the power of Hatch and see the results for yourself. If you’re looking to take your texting to the next level, download our Complete Guide to Conversation Optimization to boost your strategies and set more appointments.


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