How Does Hatch Help You to Grow Revenue?

In order to grow revenue, you need success across your funnel—not just at the top. So that means appointments, sales, upsells, reviews, and referrals. But you can’t get any of those without effective conversations. And you get a conversation going if no one’s responding to you. And this is the single biggest challenge for businesses today.

Hatch solves for this response problem. So in this post, we’re going to unpack all that and show you how Hatch connects higher response rates to higher revenue.

You need to provide a top-notch customer experience to earn revenue…

This isn’t rocket science, but it lays the foundation for our case. To earn revenue, you need to create and seize opportunities at every stage of your funnel. This means you need to:

  • Reach out to leads quickly to book appointments
  • Follow up on appointments and quotes to close sales
  • Provide a top notch project experience to earn repeat business, reviews, and referrals
  • Regularly engage customers post-project  

engagement leads to revenue across the sales funnel

In other words, you need to provide an exceptional experience across the customer journey.

But you can’t do that without conversations (aka responses)

Now this is all well and good, except there’s one thing you need before you can do any of that: you need the customer to respond! No response, no conversation. No conversation, no opportunities to demonstrate your superb experience.

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, getting people to pay attention and be interested enough to respond is like pulling teeth. As consumers, we are bombarded with content and communication all day long. Even someone who is set on using your business can be hard to get a hold of, let alone someone who is vetting multiple companies at once.

it takes 8 points of contact to get a response

To get responses, you need effective outreach…

Consumers are harder than ever to reach today. As we mentioned before, they have communications and content coming in from multiple senders, across multiple channels, while they’re doing multiple things at once. Research shows that in order to get a response from someone, your communication needs to be:

1. Personalized: Reach out using names and provide context. “Hi Greg, Mark here with ABC Exteriors. I got your form from Angi. I’d love to answer any questions you have or get you scheduled for an appointment. Are you available this week?
2. Effective: Do not overload your contact with too much information. Keep it short and sweet. Then finish off with a question that invites a response.

writing a text that will get a response

3. Text first: Calling is no longer the most effective approach. 80% of people ignore calls from unknown numbers, and 69% would rather an unfamiliar company reach out to them over text first. Texting is faster, more convenient, and has higher response rates.

text lead gets a response

4. Multi-channel: This doesn’t mean other channels are useless. In fact, the more channels you use, the higher the chances of getting a response on any one channel. Besides, everyone is different. Some people will prefer an email or phone call. So while it’s important to lead with text, you should still make sure your texting platform supports other channels.
5. Multi-touch: If you’re reaching out just once—whether to a new lead, a quoted prospect, or an existing customer—you may as well be not reaching out at all. Leads take an average of 8 attempts to respond, and quoted prospects can take anywhere from 5-12 touches to close a deal.
6. Properly paced: Of course, you shouldn’t be reaching out 12 times in one day. Your outreaches need to be spaced out across multiple days.

hatch communication sequence

…and effective outreach is achieved with automation

That’s six requirements for an effective outreach to just one contact. You need to be able to do this for every one of your contacts, each one at different points in the buyer journey—while also engaging with those who are responding. This is just not possible to do manually.

The hours you put in building lists, making calls, and writing messages may yield little output because you’re:

  • Losing leads to competitors by reaching out too slowly
  • Losing sales by neglecting follow-up and rehash
  • Losing upsells and loyalty due to sub par customer experiences

In these cases, you’re netting little to no ROI on your marketing, sales, and customer service costs, such as from buying leads or having a CRM.

This is not something that more leads or more reps can solve because it’s a process problem, not a performance problem. As a matter of fact, increasing leads or reps will only increase the problem.

process is a part of growing revenue

The answer? Automation. It allows you to conduct effective communication at scale for all of your contacts, tailored to their specific point in the customer journey.

Hatch automation and AI is built for this

You want a texting platform that can cover all of these six best outreach practices so your outreach can be the most effective. Hatch covers all six requirements listed above that are needed for effective outreach, and Hatch automation results in higher response rates. But Hatch doesn’t stop at meeting requirements. Now, Hatch has generative AI bots to help you keep up with the higher volume of responses and seize those opportunities.

These bots text with your contacts to take smaller interactions off of your humans’ plates, like screening contacts, booking appointments, confirming details, and more. Not only do customers get a superb experience, but you can keep up with all of those responses without having to hire on more help.

sample Hatch AI engagement

And if you don’t feel like you’re ready to use AI, we’ve got you covered. Hatch AI is designed for any level of AI experience, with built-in tools like our AI Analyzer that help you to create great bots. You can learn more about how Hatch AI works here.

You may be thinking, “that’s great, but how does Hatch grow my revenue?” Let’s get into it.

The result is higher revenue

So, Hatch automates what’s needed for not just effective outreach, but effective engagement too. What that means for you is a cascade of improvements that, together, increase your revenue without increasing expenses. Those improvements include:

No more missed opportunities: With the combination of integration and automation taking care of your outreach (whether that’s to leads, prospects, or customers), every opportunity in your funnel gets seized and no conversations fall through the cracks.  

Higher response rates: With every outreach opportunity being seized, the increased volume of outreach will naturally result in an increased volume of responses. And because our automation incorporates the six best practices we mentioned previously (plus campaign and messaging templates), you’ll also see higher response rates. That is, you will get higher returns on your lead spend.

data on Hatch growing revenue

More responses means more pipeline that turns into revenue.

More deals closed: By eliminating the hours spent on list-building, calling, and campaign building, your sales and customer service reps can now keep up with the people responding and provide higher quality interactions with them. This results in an experience that wins new customers and keeps existing ones.

New revenue sources: Outreach doesn’t just apply to new leads and quoted prospects. There’s outreach for aged leads, canceled appointments, upsell campaigns, maintenance programs, and more. Hatch makes it easy to identify and target these opportunities, enabling you to uncover rich revenue sources in your existing database.

Scale your growth: One of the greatest differentiators of Hatch from other platforms, like Podium or Chiirp, is that our automation allows you to create rinse-and-repeat processes that work at scale. So, not only does Hatch help you to get more appointments and sales out of your existing lead volume, it also gives you the capacity to increase lead volume and scale your revenue growth.

Need more convincing? Read about how:

The numbers don’t lie!

How does it work?

We’ve shown you the proof that Hatch will boost your revenue and help you incorporate best practices for outreach and customer engagement. But how do you add Hatch to your business to make that happen?

  1. Connect your CRM and lead sources to Hatch. This can be done through our app marketplace. And you may be wondering, “do I really need both my CRM and Hatch?” The answer is yes! Hatch is not the same as your CRM, and they work in harmony with each other to get you the best results possible.
  2. Create your custom audiences. For example, “New leads from X lead source, leads quoted for X service X days ago, leads who canceled appointments, customers with projects completed,” etc. Unlike with most customer communication platforms, Hatch allows you to get really granular here. And our Audience Builder makes it easy to do so.
  3. Build your outreach campaigns for those audiences. Include emails, texts, and voicemails with personalization tokens, over any number of days. We have a range of templated campaigns and messages in the app already to help you get started.
  4. Tell Hatch which audiences get entered into which campaigns. Hatch will automatically enroll contacts into audiences and campaigns as they meet (or don’t meet) the criteria you’ve set.
  5. Engage. As soon as a contact responds, the outreach campaign will stop firing, you’ll get a notification, then you can jump in and converse with them. Whether it’s via text, email, or phone, you can do it all within Hatch.
  6. Alternatively, train your AI bots to jump in and engage back. They’ll take on the initial prequalifying conversations to answer questions, set appointments, and sift out unqualified leads so you can have more time to focus on the deeper conversations.
  7. Organize, track, and convert. All correspondence with an individual will be contained in one thread within that person’s contact card, which will go on a multi-column board that you can customize to match your pipeline and use to track or assign conversations.

how Hatch automation grows your revenue

Earn more revenue with Hatch

To sum it all up, in order to grow revenue, you need success across your funnel. That means winning appointments, sales, upsells, reviews, and referrals. But you can’t get any of those without personalized, effective customer communication. And you can’t achieve effective customer communication at scale without automation and AI.

what it takes to get a response

Because this is what Hatch provides, this is how Hatch increases revenue. It’s not just a customer communication solution; it’s a revenue solution that uses automation and AI to turn more conversations into sales, saving you time and money along the way.

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