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How to Dominate Your Market With a Small Marketing Team [Podcast]

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Most marketing departments aren't really a "department" at all - it's usually just one or two people supporting sales and/or the brand. This especially rings true for home improvement companies.

How can you maximize your marketing efforts with minimal resources?

That's exactly what I tackle with Vicki Kiger, Director of Marketing at Exterior Source in today's episode of BuiltBy.

Here's what we discuss:

📝 Her philosophy when it comes to leading Exterior Source's marketing efforts.

😤 The system she uses to stay motivated and manage the multiple buckets that fall under her responsibility as a one-person marketing department.

🥣 The "mixing bowl" strategy - her approach to building and solely managing an integrated marketing campaign at Exterior Source.
☎️ Vicki's #1 tip for home improvement businesses with small marketing teams that want to drive more bottom-line revenue.

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