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How to Hire the Right People to Maximize Your Leads [Podcast]

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Getting leads in is step 1. Converting those leads to revenue? That takes a disciplined sales team.

For this week's episode, I talked with Steve Glaze, VP of Sales at Smart Exteriors in Kansas City about how he's built a sales team that can convert those marketing-generated leads.

In this episode, Steve and I discuss: 

  • Lessons learned early-on in Steve's career that shaped him into the sales leader he is today.
  • Building a team from scratch - Steve's philosophy and how he approached his first role as a sales leader.
  • Smart Exterior's marketing approach, and how this benefits their sales efforts.
  • What his current team looks like and what qualities he looks for when hiring reps that can maximize their marketing efforts.
  • Steve's #1 tip for any home improvement or home services pros.


Links to things discussed in the episode:

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