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How a Top 500 Home Improvement CEO Built His Business [Podcast]

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I grabbed a snippet from a recent webinar our partner marketing manager Josh Carter hosted with our good friends at Socius Marketing. 

This webinar was FULL of amazing insights from Brian Gottlieb, Founder & CEO of Tundraland. They're a perennial QualifiedRemodeler Top 500 home improvement business (#28 in 2020), and their success starts at the top.

In this episode, Brian dives into:

🧩 Changes that Tundraland made last year that they intend on keeping moving forward.

🔎 Major industry changes that Brian sees coming this year and next.

🗣 What advice Brian would give to his younger self when starting Tundraland.

💸 The catalyst that helped Tundraland jump from $5m to $10m - and the changes from $20m to $40m.

🔁 How Tundraland approaches rehash and the strategy around gaining repeat and referral business. 

And so much more - seriously, this episode is a gold mine. 
Links to things mentioned in the episode:

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